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  • 'Goodbye' to a friend

    Over the weekend, my colleagues and I learned that Nigel McFarlane has died. Besides being a well-known Mozilla, Web standards and open source advocate, Nigel served as a site expert and contributor. 

  • Making money with open source

    SpikeSource CEO Kim Polese explains the money-making and money-saving opportunities being created by the open source development model. 

  • Greater support wins Linux customers

    Support from larger companies leads one SMB to put its faith in Linux. 

  • Under a Big Blue shadow, HP Linux servers thrive

    Linux server market share numbers can be tricky, with HP touting itself as a leader and IBM garnering all the press. For one analyst, it's all about identity. 

  • SAP lures top level managers from rivals

    Ramping up the software battle in the ERP market, SAP yesterday announced that it has hired senior level executives from Oracle Corp. and other rivals in recent months. 

  • Red Hat Summit: 'Standing on the vanguard'

    It may not take a gospel choir and a CEO dressed like a preacher to convince Linux users the open source revolution is here, but that's what they got at the first Red Hat Summit. 

  • IBM, Gluecode deal seen as boon to SMB developers

    Analysts say Big Blue's recent purchase of Gluecode Software will provide SMBs with a headache-free avenue to the WebSphere community. 

  • IBM and Red Hat team up to take on Sun

    Big Blue and Red Hat conspire to migrate users from Solaris to Linux. IBM ponies up with free assessments and migration support. 

  • Oracle, SAP make interesting opponents in 2005

    Fresh off a bidding war victory over ERP rival SAP AG, Oracle looks to keep the heat on in 2005, while SAP looks to capitalize on PeopleSoft customers still unsure of their future. 

  • Free, as in refills?

    Last week, I had the good fortune of eating lunch with a group of Linux-savvy O'Reilly employees and author Sam Hiser. We were supposed to be talking about, but we kept getting caught up bashing Microsoft. One of the points raised was ...