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  • Collective Linux development model will be tough to beat, report says

    The Linux kernel would cost $1.4 billion to build from scratch today, and a typical Linux distro, $1.2 billion, according to an updated Linux Foundation study. The conclusion underlines the obvious: Linux has become a computing powerhouse. 

  • Red Hat Linux trumps Unix on TPC price/performance test

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux was the leader in TPC's price-to-performance testing for OSes that process more than 1 million transactions a minute. Red Hat Linux on IBM cost 22% less than its closest competitor. 

  • IBM nears a decade of Linux and open source

    As it approaches the end of its first Linux decade, IBM has banked on Linux for growth and innovation. But some wonder whether Big Blue has done enough. 

  • Open source collaboration, commercialization

    Are open source software vendors collaborating with proprietary companies to improve their products, or simply to gain in the market? Read what an open source strategist thinks. 

  • Linux shop adds Solaris for performance boost

    The die-hard Linux shop Real Time Matrix made an unexpected defection to Solaris 10 to beef up its processing power. 

  • Sun gives OpenSolaris commercial support for first time

    Sun Microsystems has launched OpenSolaris, a free operating system, with ZFS file backup and other features to make it easier to modify and test software. 

  • Linux

    Linux is a Unix-like operating system that was designed to provide personal computer users a free or very low-cost operating system comparable to traditional and usually more expensive Unix systems. (Continued...) 

  • Windows Server 2008 catching up with Linux

    PowerShell and Server Core add scripting and security to Windows Server 2008, making it more modular, adaptable and Linux-like. 

  • Linux defector says RHEL zero, Sun Solaris hero

    After years of contending with Red Hat kinks, one shop hesitantly made the switch to Sun Solaris 10 and hasn't looked back. 

  • Linux distributions: Servers and desktops

    Trying to decide what flavor of Linux you want on the desktop or server side? This fast guide provides a whirlwind tour of the top Linux distributions.