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  • Time management in a crazed IT department

    Long hours and constant crisis are the hallmarks of IT work. Yet those who have logged many an hour on the job have found some techniques to make it easier. 

  • Commentary: Addition of IPsec locks down 2.6 kernel expert adviser Kenneth Milberg comments on the security upgrades in the 2.6 Linux kernel, in particular the addition of IPsec. 

  • Serious security flaw fixed in Linux kernel

    A vulnerability in the Linux kernel has been patched and administrators are urged to repair their systems. The flaw could escalate a user's privileges and enable him to run code. 

  • Can I quote you on that? The top IT quotes of 2003

    They range from pithy and provocative to positive, petty and predictable. They're some of the most notable quotables from IT in 2003. From Linus Torvalds ripping into SCO, to a Microsoft manager's surprisingly "kind words" for open source, to a noted... 

  • 2004 will be tops for Tux in the enterprise

    Red Hat remains a safe bet for enterprises, SCO keeps suing and interest grows in desktop Linux. These are some of the predictions offered by the editorial team. 

  • Commentary: Novell can add Linux's missing link

    This commentary suggests the Novell Inc.'s purchase of SuSE Linux AG will provide the network infrastructure software Linux needs to be a complete enterprise platform. 

  • 2003 defined: Readers' top 10 Linux terms

    In 2003, Linux users did more than glance over our glossary. Here are the site's top 10 most-requested definitions for 2003. Are they your top terms, too? 

  • SCO opens new front in IP war; Torvalds refutes

    SCO Group has identified 65 application binary interfaces (ABIs) that it said are in violation of SCO copyrights. Linux creator Linus Torvalds, meanwhile, said many of the files were written by him in the original Linux distribution. 

  • Enterprises play waiting game on 2.6

    Red Hat and SuSE won't have 2.6-based versions of enterprise Linux until mid-to-late 2004, and that's fine for enterprises that need stable, ISV-certified, mission-critical operating systems. 

  • Enterprises crave stability for Linux in 2004

    Administrators and experts have had enough with SCO and lawsuits. They want to see Linux take real steps toward mission-critical functionality in mainstream enterprises.