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  • Usenix president: Linux needs better paper trail

    Linus Torvalds and the Linux community didn't learn from history and are suffering the consequences as it repeats itself, said Marshall Kirk McKusick, president of the Usenix Association, a Berkeley, Calif.-based advanced computing user group. In thi... 

  • Quick Takes: Novell announces full support for Linux

    Novell Inc.'s Premium Service support option now covers Linux services, the company announced. Also included in this week's edition of Quick Takes are items from CodeWeavers, Cyclades, SuSE Linux and JBoss. 

  • Kernel maintainer: Linux 2.6 delivering on its promise

    Andrew Morton, keeper of the Linux 2.6 kernel, says things are sailing along smoothly. His advice for ISVs and enterprises: start testing applications on the new kernel to remove any kinks before major vendor support is available. 

  • Salary Trends -- What's hot today, what's hot tomorrow

    Check out the lastest salary survey results from and 

  • SuSE CTO: Novell gives Linux 'muscle'

    Novell Inc. is banking its re-entry into the consciousness of IT shops on Linux. Through its acquisitions of Ximian and SuSE Linux AG last year, Novell is working hard to regain its stature as a major technology player. In this interview, SuSE chief ... 

  • BayStar calls for changes at SCO

    SCO investor BayStar Capital breaks its silence on why it wants to cash out its stock in SCO. 

  • Oracle's rose-colored grid vision

    If you're like most Oracle customers, you've heard about the potential benefits of grid computing. Industry analysts weigh in on whether it's wise to jump to grid or sit tight. 

  • BayStar wants to cash out of SCO deal

    Citing a breach of the Exchange Agreement between itself and the SCO Group, BayStar Capital wants to redeem its 20,000 shares in SCO. 

  • Try before you buy with Linux 2.6 expert adviser Nigel McFarlane takes you on a step-by-step Linux 2.6 implementation. 

  • Quick Takes: Linux COE program launched

    The Open Group announced a new program to facilitate COE certification for Linux, leading off this edition of Quick Takes. Also included are items from JBoss Inc., Scyld Software, and InfiniCon Systems.