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  • Quick Takes: Management startup focuses on Linux

    Startup Open Country recently released its management software for Linux systems. Also included in Quick Takes are items from Mandrakesoft, Kaspersky Labs, Yosemite Technologies and Exabyte Corp, Versora and the OSDL. 

  • Who wrote Linux? The spy who loved Linux

    Two more tall tales from readers add fuel to the fallacy that Linus Torvalds authored Linux. 

  • Romancing the Penguin: Raiders of the Lost OS

    Every action/adventure story has its heroes and villains, and this episode, Romancing the Penguin: Raiders of the Lost OS is no exception. Can you spot the white hats and black hats among the Red Hats (and other variations)? This week, we offe... 

  • Linux fights crime in Mississippi

    Law enforcement officials in three Mississippi counties will soon count on a Linux-based system to provide them with information about public safety. 

  • Novell pledges to continue close ties to Linux community

    Novell CTO Alan Nugent tells Usenix that the vendor will develop its proprietary products only where there are no open source alternatives. 

  • Who wrote Linux? Oh gosh, is Linux really IGOS?

    Another batch of Who Wrote Linux tall tales offers a few more possibilities into the origins of the operating system. 

  • 1IBM Linux GM: Enterprises beyond TCO questions with Linux

    Used to be that nobody got fired for buying IBM. Big Blue's Linux general manager Jim Stallings, whose job it is to champion Linux use in the enterprise, seems to think times are changing. In this interview, he explains that IT departments worldwide ... 

  • Romancing the Penguin, part 2 (The Lovers)

    Now that you've met the cast of characters in this continuing drama (ok, it's just four weekly quizzes) it's time to get to the romance part. (Sigh) Just who is romancing the penguin? Many companies have turned their attention to Linux and are jumpin... 

  • Who wrote Linux? Better whoppers than SCO's, part 3

    The editor opens her mailbag and unleashes more missives from those who claim to be a Linux luminary. 

  • The unsung heroes series: Terry Every, the best in MIS

    Ever wonder how today's IT experts got their first break? Unix-to-Linux migration expert Ken Milberg got his from a dapper fellow named Terry Every. Find out why Every is Milberg's hero, and then tell us about the power behind your first break in IT....