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  • Unisys continues down the open Linux road

    Unisys, once a firm with a Windows-only mindset, plans to expand its partnerships with Novell and JBoss. One analyst called the move another example of a growing Linux community. 

  • Torvalds, OS experts: What it takes to make a career in open source

    What are the traits needed for a career in open source software development? The answers given by Linus Torvalds and other open source experts may surprise you. 

  • See you on the dark side... of the server room

    Even if IT managers aren't pulling all-nighters to work on their systems, their dream journals show that they can't get away, mentally, from the computer. Here they recount their dreams of electric sleep. 

  • Hurricanes' effects still plague Florida IT shop

    It's a tale of IT over nature in the hurricane battered state of Florida, as the Burlock Group attempts to overcome the effects of the devastating weather with a strong showing from file and applications software running on Linux. 

  • Rise of the superplatform: Overkill or just what the user ordered?

    The past three years have seen the rise of a superpower in the middleware space: Java superplatforms. Like a modern day Soviet Union and United States -- but rooted in technology -- two sides have formed that offer users distinct differences and bene... 

  • Keeping up with the Joneses

    Mark Hinkle cautions against IT professionals becoming single-vendor dependent and touts the position of open source technologies in the operating system and flashy gadgets realms 

  • 2005 outlook: Desktops to see Linux, search war and more spyware

    TechTarget group publisher Paul Gillin offers up his annual predictions for the year ahead, and forecasts a pay hike for IT pros, a potential new owner for Apple and the rise of Linux, spyware and searching on the desktop. 

  • 2004: The year of the penguin

    If you're a Linux supporter, this was the year to be here. It seemed like just about every month a new piece of software became available to the open source community or some report explained the benefits of open source. tak... 

  • Career path for a Domino/Windows developer interested in learning Linux


  • All IT wants for Christmas is...

    IT pro Jeff Costa hopes to find something naughty and nice in his Christmas stocking this year. On his wish list is a virus that creates less hype on earth. It would, he said, "strip away all the bull from e-mail messages -- value-added, leading-edge...