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  • Will Schwartz add more Windows to Sun?

    With Jonathan Schwartz now at the helm of Sun Microsystems, could stronger bonds with Microsoft be in the cards? 

  • Quiz: March of the Penguin (Linuxworld Boston, 2006)

    This is a quiz containing topics relevant to the 2006 Linuxworld conference in Boston, including questions on virtualization, the $100 laptop, wikis, multi-core processing and knowledge management. 

  • Open or closed? The ODF debate spills into LinuxWorld

    Versora chief technology officer John Walker lays out the facts from both sides of the debate in this article on OpenDocument and Microsoft Office Open XML. 

  • IT and the Oscars

    Some said it was the year for cowboys, while others pointed out all the portrayals of real individuals in the nominated films of the 78th annual Academy Awards, held Sunday, March 5, 2006. We couldn't help noticing that several of these films made us... 

  • IBM subpoenas signal shift to darker side of SCO case

    IP attorney Tom Carey drills down into IBM's new subpoenas -- issued to HP, Microsoft, BayStar and Sun --and finds that conspiracy theorists may be right about SCO's anti-Linux suits. 

  • Free advice (as in beer): Know your compliance/OSLD vendors

    All it takes is a dozen lines of code to violate the GPL and turn months of product development into wasted time and money. But crisis can be averted with the implementation of an open source license detection product. 

  • Should SMBs prepare for the SOX compliance deadline or put it off?

    The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) deadline extension allows SMBs more time to prepare for compliance, but some are taking more chances. 

  • Linux sends NASA rovers to Mars, among other things

    When the Mars rovers blasted into space nearly two years ago on a multimillion-mile voyage to the Red Planet, Linux was there to help them get off the ground. 

  • Encouraging innovation and financial support in OS software

    Open source issues and strategies expert Maria Winslow describes what propels open source projects towards mainstream success. 

  • Quiz: What the Dickens!

    Since 1843, when Charles Dickens first saw publication of "A Christmas Carol," the classic tale has served many purposes. Here's our geeky version: for each computer-related question, we've also supplied -- as a gift -- a snippet of Dickens' text, in...