Linux monitoring and troubleshooting

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  • Backing up the Linux master boot record

    The Linux master boot record (MBR) contains GRUB and the partition table, and to avoid crippling boot errors, it is a good idea to make a backup of it. Learn how to backup the MBR and how this effort can pay off when troubleshooting a Linux boot prob... 

  • Fixing Linux boot problems with GRUB

    If problems in the Linux boot process occur when GRUB is loaded find out how to figure out what went wrong using two options. You can re-install GRUB using grub-install and start your computer, or manually load GRUB through the GRUB command interface... 

  • Troubleshooting Linux boot problems

    If your Linux server fails to show the login screen at startup, you have a boot problem. Learn some tricks on how to diagnose and fix a Linux server boot problem from Grub failure to init and runlevels. 

  • Recovering your Linux server with a Knoppix rescue disk

    Learn how to recover data on your Linux server if it doesn't boot properly using Knoppix, and how to mount the Linux file systems on your server with step-by-step instructions. How to troubleshoot and interpret server data from the fdisk -l command i... 

  • Using nmap for Linux administration and security

    The open source tool nmap is ideal for network troubleshooting, scanning and auditing. The tool can be used to identify devices on the network as well as the services running on them. It can also identify advanced information, such as operating syste... 

  • Understanding Linux system performance management using top

    The top command in Linux can help Linux server administrators determine how their system is performing, but the information provided may not be clear. Learn what top results mean, including load average values, memory efficiency, and process resource... 

  • Debugging Samba: Deciphering Access Denied

    When a user presents an Access Denied error message and says Samba is the culprit, is the blame warranted? Here's how to determine whether the error is the fault of Samba. 

  • Troubleshooting, finding lost files in Linux servers

    Just because a server crashes doesn't mean your data is lost forever. Find out how to retrieve your data from damaged Linux server environments where ext3 is used. 

  • Don't go binary for your Linux desktop drivers

    Binary drivers only hurt those who are looking for device support for their Linux desktop, says one of the co-authors of the "Linux Administration Handbook." Find why it's better to better to purchase devices that specifically market their Linux supp... 

  • Understanding logging, log monitoring in 'Hardening Linux'

    In Chapter 5, "Understanding Logging and Monitoring," Turnbull compares the syslog daemon to its more powerful and more secure successor, syslog-NG. He also shows readers the Simple Event Correlation tool for highlighting events in logs.