Linux monitoring and troubleshooting

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  • Booting a Xen virtual machine from CD-ROM or DVD

    If your Xen virtual machine fails, you may want to boot it from an installation disk and run the rescue program. Learn the required steps to succesfully boot a Xen virtual machine from a disk on a Linux machine. 

  • Analyzing Linux write performance problems with iotop

    Write performance on a Linux system may be causing a performance problem, and iotop shows you how the write processes are affecting I/O and storage. The iotop Linux command is more informative than top for determining the cause of the Linux server pe... 

  • Troubleshooting Linux networking problems

    Analyze and repair network problems related to your Linux system in three steps: determine if the network card is there, then check the hardware configuration and drivers. Some hardware also needs to be checked for module compatibility and tainted ke... 

  • Recovering a lost administration password on Ubuntu Server

    How do I recover my admin password or account on Ubuntu Server? If you are asking this question, this tip will help you create an admin account with access to sudo on Ubuntu Server. 

  • Access and repair an ext3 file system with the superblock

    A damaged ext3 file system is accessible and repairable, thanks to the data within either the superblock or the superblock's backup. 

  • Solving Linux server hangs stemming from kernel issues

    When Linux kernel issues cause functional machines to hang, determining the type of hang -- interruptible or non-interruptible -- is imperative to troubleshooting the situation. 

  • How to solve logical volume management issues

    Excluding certain Logical Volume Manager (LVM) devices from startup scans and the manual activation of logical volumes are two pesky logical volume management issues. Find out how to resolve them. 

  • Troubleshooting Logical Volume Manager boot problems

    If Logical Volume Manager (LVM) boots incorrectly, logical volumes are inaccessible and you can't manage server disk space. In this LVM how-to, we offer some simple steps to troubleshoot boot issues with LVM. 

  • How to fix master boot record partition table problems

    The master boot record partition table allows you to access information on your server. Sander van Vugt walks you through how to recover partition tables on your Linux server or desktop starting with the rescue CD, using gpart and fdisk. 

  • Five Linux commands you have (probably) never heard of

    Learn about five of the more rarely used Linux commands (logsave, diff3, pstree, nl and split) that are useful, with a description of each command's flags and options. These commands work well for file management, tracking, and output and process ana...