Linux monitoring and troubleshooting

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  • Secure remote Linux logging with rsyslog

    The rsyslog daemon allows a choice between UDP, TCP and RELP logging protocols for your Linux system. TCP and RELP offer guaranteed log messaging, for more secure logs. 

  • Linux debugging with SystemTap dynamic instrumentation

    In this tip, learn how SystemTap’s highly scriptable dynamic instrumentation has an edge over traditional Linux server debugging and performance monitoring. 

  • Tracking Linux server performance with Munin

    Learn how to use Munin, a data tracking tool that creates graphical displays of Linux performance data over time. Munin tracks data from your Linux hosts and compiles them on a central server. 

  • Overcoming common Unix-to-Linux migration pitfalls

    You may encounter problems when moving from Unix to Linux. Learn about hardware and application compatibility challenges and how to overcome deployment errors and how to prevent them including client testing, shell script testing, and more. 

  • Linux troubleshooting fast guide

    This useful reference guide to Linux troubleshooting involves everything you need to know to manage Linux in the enterprise, from addressing boot problems to recovering your Linux server. 

  • Five Linux performance commands every admin should know

    Managing performance on Linux systems can be made easier with a few commands. Learn how to use five commands: top, vmstat, iostat, free, and sar to manage performance on your Linux server. 

  • Booting a Xen virtual machine from CD-ROM or DVD

    If your Xen virtual machine fails, you may want to boot it from an installation disk and run the rescue program. Learn the required steps to succesfully boot a Xen virtual machine from a disk on a Linux machine. 

  • Analyzing Linux write performance problems with iotop

    Write performance on a Linux system may be causing a performance problem, and iotop shows you how the write processes are affecting I/O and storage. The iotop Linux command is more informative than top for determining the cause of the Linux server pe... 

  • The top 10 Linux tips of 2009

    Whether you're considering an update to SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 or setting up cloud computing with Eucalyptus, there's something for everyone in our top 10 Linux tips of 2009. 

  • Troubleshooting Linux networking problems

    Analyze and repair network problems related to your Linux system in three steps: determine if the network card is there, then check the hardware configuration and drivers. Some hardware also needs to be checked for module compatibility and tainted ke...