Linux management and configuration

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  • Recovering a lost administration password on Ubuntu Server

    How do I recover my admin password or account on Ubuntu Server? If you are asking this question, this tip will help you create an admin account with access to sudo on Ubuntu Server. 

  • Remote server administration tools: Manage your data center from a distance

    New systems management options are making it easier for administrators to manage servers via smartphones and laptops. 

  • How to fix master boot record partition table problems

    The master boot record partition table allows you to access information on your server. Sander van Vugt walks you through how to recover partition tables on your Linux server or desktop starting with the rescue CD, using gpart and fdisk. 

  • How to install and get started with OpenQRM

    Learn how to install and use OpenQRM, a free and open source pluggable framework for automatic application deployment, management, and monitoring. It supports a range of virtualization tools and works with Nagios and Puppet. 

  • Fixing Linux boot problems with GRUB

    If problems in the Linux boot process occur when GRUB is loaded find out how to figure out what went wrong using two options. You can re-install GRUB using grub-install and start your computer, or manually load GRUB through the GRUB command interface... 

  • Learning the craft of Linux administration with "Pro Linux System Administration"

    Pro Linux System Administration provides models for implementing a Linux infrastructure and builds the foundation you need to manage open source business systems. This guide to Linux administration provides readers with real-world examples, tips and ... 

  • Troubleshooting Linux boot problems

    If your Linux server fails to show the login screen at startup, you have a boot problem. Learn some tricks on how to diagnose and fix a Linux server boot problem from Grub failure to init and runlevels. 

  • The Ext4 file system: A real improvement in Linux file storage?

    The Ext4 file storage system is now integrated into the Linux kernel and supported by the major distributions. Should you switch from your Ext2 or Ext3 set-up? With complete backwards compatibility, there is little reason not to make the jump forward... 

  • Security essentials for Active Directory on Linux

    Active Directory functionality in heterogeneous data centers with Windows and Linux is increasingly appealing, but admins should be aware of the security risks this activity poses. The open admin policy on Active Directory doesn't adequately protect ... 

  • Keys to successfully running Samba in a production environment

    Running Samba in a heterogenous production environment with Linux/Unix and Windows systems is critical to business. Learn best practices for configuration, backup, and support. Proper implementation of change control, keeping an updated version of Sa...