Linux management and configuration

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  • Toolbars in 2.0, part 2 expert Solveig Haugland recommend how to customize and configure toolbars to for the best fit possible. 

  • "Test Driving Linux" by David Brickner

    In David Brickner's "Test Driving Linux," Chapter 2 gives insight into Konqueror's power as a web browser. 

  • Peter van der Linden's Guide to Linux

    "Peter van der Linden's Guide to Linux" to Linux is a primer for Windows users who are curious Linux. Chapter 3 offers interested users a sneak peek for tips on the KDE desktop. 

  • Three simple antidotes to sys admin headaches

    Penguin Computing's Phil Pokorny pops kernel panic, introduces getent, and gives the infinite command. 

  • Five easy ways to stop IT administration and deployment hassles

    Find out how to avoid downtime, blackouts, project delays and embarrassing situations with these tips from IT engineer Phil Pokorny. 

  • Golden's Rules: Your new open source app -- a PBX

    One of the most exciting things about open source is the way it can be used to create applications that fall outside the traditional IT infrastructure stack. A case in point is the telephony application called Asterisk. Asterisk is a very full-featur... 

  • Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG)

    The Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) is an open source tool used to monitor the traffic load on network links. In this chapter James Kretchmar tells us how MRTG produces Web pages containing PNG images, which provide a live visual representation o... 

  • Red Hat Network tour

    Ken Milberg provides a tour of RHN4, points out its best features and gives some configuration advice in this tip. 

  • Configure your RHEL4 network

    Learn how to use Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 commands and utilities to configure your network from a GUI or command line. 

  • Sharing files between Linux servers with NFS

    Using the Network File System (NFS) allows you to share files on a network as if they were on your local drive. Ken Milberg shows you how in this tip.