Linux management and configuration

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  • Building a Linux infrastructure with maximum automation

    Automating Linux system administration with cfengine can be a big task, but automation can pay off with time savings, better documentation, and provide some technical advantages. Nate Campi and Kirk Bauer explain why they rewrote their book in the se... 

  • Linux regular expression tutorial

    Using regular expressions in grep, awk and sed tools to find a specific text string is a useful tool for Linux administrators. Regular expressions in Linux provide more specific and efficient returns. 

  • Linux Library: Unix and Linux system automation basics

    Automating standard system administration on Linux distributions or Unix nodes is worth the effort say authors Nate Campi and Kirk Bauer. It can save time, provide consistency, and ensure expert configuration, regulatory compliance, and reliability ... 

  • After delay, Fedora 10 finally available

    After being waylaid a month because of a security breach, Fedora 10 includes features for remote management of servers, storage in the cloud, energy saving and more. 

  • Red Hat Satellite launches first community upgrade

    Red Hat Satellite has launched its first upgrade based on community input, where the ultimate goal is speedier, better software. The new version includes RHEL 5 and Oracle 10g. 

  • Zenoss adds VMware monitoring to systems management suite

    Zenoss Inc. has added VMware monitoring to its systems management suite, conslidating data on virtual and physical systems in a single console. 

  • Remote server management Q&A: Whirlwind Tech Tour

    Remote server administration in an open source environment is best done with the tools recommended by these IT professionals. 

  • Linux Foundation to boost user ties following summit

    At the Linux Foundation's End User Collaboration Summit, leading Linux kernel developers and enterprise users agreed that they need to communicate better. 

  • Linux Summit will preview new advanced file system

    The Linux Foundation End User Collaboration Summit will offer attendees a preview of advanced file systems that should boost performance, reduce errors and make sys admins' jobs easier. 

  • Products of the Year 2008

    To nominate your company's product or a favorite product. Products qualify for entry if they were new and first shipped after Nov. 1, 2007 and before Nov. 1, 2008. In January 2009, winning products will be highlighted on