Linux management and configuration

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  • Golden's Rules: Sun's Linux-friendly, virtual, portable data center

    Learn why one expert thinks that Sun Microsystem's Project Blackbox and a broader Xen- and Linux-friendly concept is the right idea at the right time. 

  • Defensive measures for evolving phishing tactics

    From image spam to cross-site scripting, hackers certainly have a large arsenal of weapons to choose from. But as AT&T recently learned, hackers are putting a new twist on ever-dependable phishing schemes to gain access to confidential and sensitive ... 

  • Linux desktop driver woes: Laying blame, lobbying, coping

    Driver support is a sore spot, a very sore spot, for any organization using or considering a migration to Linux desktops. It's a pain for longtime Linux users too. In fact, many Linux desktop advocates, users and user wannabes say it is a rock-hard b... 

  • Sybase ASE: Performance benefits of DPL and DRL

    Take advantage of data page locking (DPL) and data row locking (DRL), two categories of data only locked (DOL) tables in Sybase ASE. These functions offer improved table scans, decreased logical I/O consumption and more. 

  • IP addressing and subnetting: What network administrators need to know

    David Davis follows up his tip on binary-to-decimal conversions with a practical, in-depth look at IP addressing and subnetting. He discusses how IP addresses work, subnet masks, classful vs. classless IP addresses, default gateways and more. 

  • Firms find open source way to save over HP OpenView

    For one-tenth the cost of systems management software from Hewlett-Packard and the like, IT managers chose an outsourced solution based on the open source Nagios stack. 

  • Giving users access via wildcard

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes explains how to grant users access from any location using the 'wildcard.' 

  • When, why to consider Linux on 64-bit blades

    Linux-based, 64-bit blade servers offer a winning combination of power, space savings, security and cost savings over other server and proprietary operating system platforms. 

  • Clustering in MySQL

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes recommends buying a subscription for MySQL Network if you plan to use MySQL clusters for mission-critical apps. 

  • Open source router on par with Cisco, users say

    To avoid paying top dollar for Cisco routers, two IT pros tried Vyatta's Open Flexible Router. Is it a viable alternative to the proprietary norm? Find out from these two savvy users' stories.