Linux management and configuration

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  • ipcrm in RHEL 4

    An expert describes several possible solutions for ipcrm's continued existence on RHEL 4 even after is has been dest (destroyed). 

  • Linux printer as a Postscript device

    Unix-Linux expert Ken Milberg follows up on his tip, "Printing from Unix to Linux," and explains why you're better off not setting up a Linux printer as a generic Postscript device. 

  • Upgrading from Fedora Core 6

    An expert tells users with Fedora Core 6 not to worry about the merger; just upgrade to FC7. 

  • Open source monitoring shines light on firm's servers

    A successful Nagios deployment from a previous job led one IT administrator to continue the open source trend at his new data center with Solaris and Linux machines. 

  • Cross-platform system management tools

    An expert recommends a cross-platform open source tool for systems management. 

  • tty command

    A tty command in Linux and other Unix-like operating systems is a shell command that can be entered interactively or as part of a script to determine whether the output for the script is a terminal (that is, to an interactive user) or to some other ... 

  • Nagios network monitoring felled by SNMP false alarms

    False alarms were keeping one IT director up way past his bedtime, but one open source systems management and monitoring application quickly became the perfect sleeping pill. 

  • Chapter 1, Best practices, of "Building a Monitoring Infrastructure with Nagios"

    Chapter 1 of "Building a Monitoring Infrastructure with Nagios" describes what pitfalls to avoid when making design choices for your Nagios installation. 

  • Linux, Windows and Unix interoperability: News and tips

    Get the latest interoperability, news and expert advice on mixing flavors of Linux with Windows or Unix. 

  • Zenoss takes on IBM, HP systems management

    Can open source startups compete with IBM in the systems management space? spoke with Zenoss CEO Bill Karpovich to hear why he thinks the answer could lie in the mid market.