Linux management and configuration

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  • Virtualization boosts Linux adoption big-time

    Despite mixed-OS and virtual machine management problems, virtualization will drive adoption of server-side Linux, making it a great theme for LinuxWorld 2007, says Hyperic CEO Javier Soltero. 

  • Linux and virtualization create a shift in the data center

    The LinuxWorld 2007 conference will see a convergence of Linux, open source software and server virtualization that will fundamentally change IT, analysts say. 

  • Linux security: Authenticate your users and know what they're up to

    Do you know who has access to your data? Linux security expert Kurt Lingel explores some tools that help to authenticate users and learn what they're up to. 

  • Linux authentication troubles? Try Active Directory

    While various authentication options are available for managing Linux servers in a heterogeneous IT environment, is Microsoft Active Directory the best one? 

  • The top Linux support weaknesses, then and now

    Is Linux support enterprise-ready yet? Gaps still exist, users say, even though commercial support for Red Hat, Novell SUSE and even new distros like Ubuntu has improved hugely since canvassed IT managers in 2003. 

  • Dual booting vs. virtualization: Using Windows and Linux on the same server

    Interoperability between Linux and Windows can be achieved in two ways: one, by installing each operating system separately via dual booting -- which allows both operating systems to run on the same hardware -- and two, by running one system inside a... 

  • Novell, AMD sync up on SUSE Linux power management

    With the release of its first Service Pack, Novell's SUSE Enterprise Linux Server 10 will take advantage of power management functionality in AMD's upcoming Opteron quad-core processor. 

  • Reporting Nagios data to BMC Patrol

    A security expert describes how to configure open source network monitoring tool Nagios so that data alerts, reports and other information generated are sent to BMC Patrol, which will be used as an alert tool. 

  • With RHEL 5, Red Hat goes to bat for SELinux

    Told to keep SELinux turned on everywhere, all the time, many IT managers have to break a long established habit of turning it off. But, it should stay on, according to Red Hat's Dan Walsh, who says it's the only way to ensure 100% protection in the ... 

  • ipcrm in RHEL 4

    An expert describes several possible solutions for ipcrm's continued existence on RHEL 4 even after is has been dest (destroyed).