MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) based on SQL (Structured Query Language).

  • HP ProLiant servers to come with Ubuntu Server Edition

    Hewlett-Packard to package Ubuntu on ProLiant servers. Linus Torvalds up for a prestigious technology prize. Red Hat embraces Microsoft Open Technologies.

  • Red Hat bolsters RHEL support with portal and ABRT

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 includes a customer portal and an automated bug report and tracking (ABRT) tool, squelching some past complaints about Red Hat support. Red Hat collects data about proble...

  • plain old telephone service (POTS)

    POTS is a term sometimes used in discussion of new telephone technologies in which the question of whether and how existing voice transmission for ordinary phone communication can be accommodated.

Linux licensing and support

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  • Protecting yourself from infringement claims, part 1

    @8774 When a customer buys a product -- from a can of soup to a car -- they can normally expect that the manufacturer of that product is going to protect them in the event that the product is defective, causes them a loss or injury, or even, in rarer... 

  • Protecting yourself from infringement claims, part 2

    @8778 There are plenty of twists and turns when it comes to software legal issues. In part II of this interview, attorney Bruce Sunstein, co-founder of Bromberg and Sunstein, LLP, talks about the various legal strategies companies can use to protect ... 

  • Linspire CEO: Let Linux compete to keep market fair

    Don't be fooled by a sweetheart deal, said Linspire CEO Michael Robertson. Companies -- and government organizations -- deliberating whether to buy Windows or Linux may find themselves tempted by a sweet price cut from Microsoft. But, Robertson cauti... 

  • Impending Microsoft deal is no Dutch treat, says expert

    Last week, members of the Dutch parliament and the open source community were riled by news that the Justice Department was working on a deal with Microsoft to put Windows on its thousands of desktop computers. Here, Brenno de Winter, a consultant in... 

  • Linspire attorney: Microsoft's anti-Linux FUD, suits 'follow the money'

    An attorney for Linspire, the company sued by Micrsoft for using the Lindows name, speaks out about Microsoft's use of scare tactics to keep customers from moving to open source. 

  • Linux gains are more than money

    After the recent release of three reports all claiming 30% savings by using open source, it is fairly safe to say open source can save you money. Two analysts weigh in on Linux's other strengths and how those strengths, not the money, will keep Linux... 

  • Sun, Microsoft OpenOffice clause not a threat

    Microsoft has it in writing that it can sue for improper use of open source code, but the open source community has little cause for concern. 

  • Open source group to streamline licenses

    Group promises to streamline open source licenses over time. More than 50 open source licenses are available to developers -- and some say that's too many. 

  • LinuxWorld: Reactions mixed to IBM vow of no patent warfare on Linux

    IBM promised not to turn its patents on Linux, but some are skeptical of Big Blue's pledge. 

  • Perens: Education greatest weapon in IP warfare, part 2

    The SCO lawsuits are just the tip of the iceberg, said open source evangelist Bruce Perens, who Wednesday delivered his third biannual Open Source State of the Union at LinuxWorld. Perens, a board member with Open Source Risk Management, an open sour...