MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) based on SQL (Structured Query Language).

  • HP ProLiant servers to come with Ubuntu Server Edition

    Hewlett-Packard to package Ubuntu on ProLiant servers. Linus Torvalds up for a prestigious technology prize. Red Hat embraces Microsoft Open Technologies.

  • Red Hat bolsters RHEL support with portal and ABRT

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 includes a customer portal and an automated bug report and tracking (ABRT) tool, squelching some past complaints about Red Hat support. Red Hat collects data about proble...

  • plain old telephone service (POTS)

    POTS is a term sometimes used in discussion of new telephone technologies in which the question of whether and how existing voice transmission for ordinary phone communication can be accommodated.

Linux licensing and support

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  • LinuxWorld Summit: Professor predicts open source revolution

    At the LinuxWorld Summit, Columbia legal beagle Eben Moglen commandeered a panel on the future of open source licensing. 

  • Perens: Too many licenses deters sharing of code

    Open source expert Bruce Perens had a thing or two to say about licensing in the wake of the LinuxWorld Summit, held in New York last week. 

  • Know your open source risks and rewards

    Administrators need to know their own companies' internal policies on open source licensing before they go downloading code. If not, a company could enter into a licensing agreement without even knowing it. 

  • Golden's Rules: It was my party and I'll sue if I want to

    In a bewildering attempt to snatch the award for most ludicrous open source lawsuit away from the SCO Group, an individual named Daniel Wallace has sued the Free Software Foundation. His suit asserts that the FSF's General Public License (GPL) is use... 

  • New licenses will make it easier to access Java code

    Two new Java licenses will make it easier for developers to access Java source code. But Sun is stopping short of creating an all around open source Java license. 

  • Face-off: GNU GPL versus Sun's new open source license

    IT book authors Paul Murphy and Bernard Golden take different sides on the viability of Sun's new open source license. 

  • Rosen vs. OASIS, round 1

    Intellectual property attorney and open source advocate Larry Rosen called out OASIS for quietly allowing its members to base information standards around reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing fees. 

  • Dealing with open source licenses

    If acompany is analyzing open source products, what should it know about licenses? 

  • Protecting yourself from infringement claims, part 1

    @8774 When a customer buys a product -- from a can of soup to a car -- they can normally expect that the manufacturer of that product is going to protect them in the event that the product is defective, causes them a loss or injury, or even, in rarer... 

  • Protecting yourself from infringement claims, part 2

    @8778 There are plenty of twists and turns when it comes to software legal issues. In part II of this interview, attorney Bruce Sunstein, co-founder of Bromberg and Sunstein, LLP, talks about the various legal strategies companies can use to protect ...