Linux interoperability

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  • Sharing Windows files with the Linux CIFS client

    It can be surprisingly easy to share files between Linux and Windows with the Linux CIFS client. In this tip, learn how to install the Samba client and set up CIFS on Linux. 

  • Kerberos authentication in RHEL: Easing Windows-Linux integration

    Kerberos authentication for CIFS offers easier Windows-Linux integration. In this tip, learn how Kerberos authentication works and how to set it up in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. 

  • Security essentials for Active Directory on Linux

    Active Directory functionality in heterogeneous data centers with Windows and Linux is increasingly appealing, but admins should be aware of the security risks this activity poses. The open admin policy on Active Directory doesn't adequately protect ... 

  • Linux desktop interoperability: MS Office and OpenOffice

    The latest release of OpenOffice v3 has improved interoperability with Linux, Windows and MS Office. The more viable OpenOffice is, the more viable Linux is in general. The ultra-cheap Linux-based notebooks also now enable Linux to fit into the famil... 

  • Interoperability planning and tools for Linux, Unix and Windows servers

    What can be done to enable interoperability between 96% of the world's servers and why is interoperability important? Ken Milberg lays out some tools and guidelines for planning and supporting a mixed server environment. 

  • Unix-Linux printing

    Interoperability is easier than separating systems your systems and isn't something you should be afraid of, says one expert. Find out how to set up printing between Unix and Linux using Linux's LPR utility and Unix's SMIT in this tip. 

  • Printer sharing between Windows and Linux

    Figure out how to connect your Windows machines to a shared printer as a network device from your Linux box in this tip. 

  • Microsoft meets enterprise Linux: Novell's Open Enterprise Server 2

    An expert discusses Novell Open Enterprise Server 2's new key features: Active Directory functionality and enhanced virtualization capabilities. 

  • Running Windows as a VM on Linux with VMware Server

    If you don't want to spend money on an expensive Citrix setup for running Windows and Linux, then try running Windows as a virtual machine (VM) on Linux with VMware Server. 

  • Getting started with MySQL

    An off-the-shelf proprietary solution may serve your needs today but it's also one step towards vendor lock-in. Learn about flexible, open source MySQL, the "M" in the LAMP stack.