Linux interoperability

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  • Open source security in government

    IT managers often fret about security when choosing between proprietary and open source solutions, but experts say not to worry. In many cases open source actually provides greater security. Writer Andrew Bardin Williams explains the benefits of open... 

  • When to mix proprietary code with Linux

    Bruce Perens, co-founder of the Open Source Initiative, takes a break at LinuxWorld to talk with us about open source issues of the day -- licensing, lawsuits and enemy lines. 

  • HP lets user take Linux for a virtual spin

    HP TestDrive let one vendor try out Linux on Itanium before committing to a specific hardware platform. Other shops can learn a lesson from this virtual testing ground too -- just make sure what you want is certified on HP. 

  • Microsoft's high prices drive FSW to Linux, open source

    Microsoft's high costs and pricing policies are driving FSW Inc. into the arms of the open source community. The company's IT director describes how and why FSW switched to Linux and open source apps and to server virtualization and OpenOffice deskto... 

  • How one bank found a perfect balance for Linux and Windows

    Here's how one network engineer strikes a balance between Linux and Windows. Kerry Miller finds the right spot for both at First Victoria National Bank in Texas. 

  • Niche Linux servers break out of HPC into enterprise

    Watch out, IBM, Dell and HP! Linux server vendors that have carved out a space in high-performance computing markets are taking their tailor-made servers into new enterprise markets, providing a welcomed change for businesses that want to save money ... 

  • OASIS gives Microsoft Office another punch with ODF Adoption Committee

    OpenDocument was in the news again this week as OASIS launched a new committee designed to unseat proprietary file formats like Microsoft Office. 

  • Terpstra: Don't choose or pitch Linux, open source just for cost savings

    In this interview, Samba team co-founder and author of "Hardening Linux," John H. Terpstra, advocates finding the best fit for your IT organization. 

  • Kusnetzky: IT shops' needs drive Open-Xchange's new Outlook

    Former IDC analyst Dan Kusnetzkyconnects the dots between the Open-Xchange Server 5 updates and trends in corporate IT strategies. 

  • SCALE Linux Desktop 10 news revisited, revised

    Novell's Linux desktop 10 will include improved file sharing, security and interoperability features, plus support for Visual Basic macros in Excel.