Linux interoperability

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  • Finding printer, modem and soundcard hardware drivers for Mandrake Linux 10.0

    Unix-Linux expert Ken Milberg gives advice on how to find hardware device drivers or write your own. 

  • U.S. Census reins in data center sprawl

    The U.S. Census Bureau and an Alexandria, Va.-based project management firm gutted an extremely complex data center and got on board with blade servers. 

  • Golden's Rules: Migrating from SQL Server to MySQL

    Databases are a key piece of every organization's software infrastructure. They are complex pieces of software that we rely on to rapidly spit out data in response to queries and to reliably track transactions, never losing track of the fact that a p... 

  • Preaching the virtues of Linux

    The business community's resistance isn't holding back Linux desktop adoption, says Linux expert Peter van der Linden. It's the development community that is slowing things down. Van der Linden describes the app gap and other barriers in this intervi... 

  • At university, GroupWise on Linux beats out Exchange

    When Golden Gate University's e-mail/collaboration software needed an update, Exchange was on the eval list. In this story, GGU's IT team explains why Exchange wasn't chosen and the university is pursuing an aggressive new Linux and open source strat... 

  • Open source security in government

    IT managers often fret about security when choosing between proprietary and open source solutions, but experts say not to worry. In many cases open source actually provides greater security. Writer Andrew Bardin Williams explains the benefits of open... 

  • When to mix proprietary code with Linux

    Bruce Perens, co-founder of the Open Source Initiative, takes a break at LinuxWorld to talk with us about open source issues of the day -- licensing, lawsuits and enemy lines. 

  • YaST: Setting up a local SUSE Linux update server

    Find out how Novell's SUSE Linux YaST utility can set up your client and server machines to collect updates as well as acting as the installation source for your desktops. 

  • HP lets user take Linux for a virtual spin

    HP TestDrive let one vendor try out Linux on Itanium before committing to a specific hardware platform. Other shops can learn a lesson from this virtual testing ground too -- just make sure what you want is certified on HP. 

  • How-to: Using a Windows Virtual Machine to validate Linux boot CDs or images

    Learn how to manipulate simple VMware configuration files for a Windows host environment to operate Linux within a virtual arena for validation testing or as a training tool.