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  • Quick Takes: Clustering software supports 10g on Linux

    PolyServe's Matrix Server now supports Oracle 10g database running on Linux, leading off this edition of Quick Takes. Also included are items from Astaro Security and XIOtech. 

  • Linux beats NAS in 11 TB storage migration, part 2

    The die was cast, and the IT team at Peoria, Ill.-based media company Dynamic Graphics Group had pledged its troth and money to a Linux cluster. Would Linux deliver the goods -- and the ROI? In part two of this migration story, Dynamic Graphics' IT d... 

  • Company bypasses network-attached storage for Linux clusters

    A couple of years ago, Dynamic Graphics Group might have chosen network-attached storage (NAS) and not Linux for its new storage and delivery platform. But the company's IT gurus -- Todd Moore and Brian Kohles -- quickly discovered that NAS cost twic... 

  • Utility computing loves Linux

    Veritas Software Corp.'s director of Linux strategy, Ranajit Nevatia, gives his blessing to the marriage of utility computing and Linux. At LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in New York this week, Veritas will announce that it's padding its utility comput... 

  • Linux clusters getting more mainstream

    In this interview, Linux Networx executive Eric Pitcher describes the growing acceptance of Linux-based clusters in the enterprise and the challenges of managing them. 

  • Mature tools, support vital to Linux cluster implementations

    A LinuxNetworx executive offers a series of dos and don'ts for implementing Linux clusters in the enterprise. 

  • Linux clustering finding its way into enterprise

    Linux clusters are known for their presence in high-profile, high-performance computing arenas. But Linux clusters are not just for HPC anymore. In this interview, Linux Networx chief operating officer Dean Hutchings explains how an enterprise could ... 

  • Los Alamos Linux cluster to keep watch on nukes

    One of the world's largest Linux clusters, a 2,816-processor system built by vendor Linux Networx, will soon be used at Los Alamos National Laboratory to run simulations of nuclear detonations. The cluster will help scientists understand how the Unit... 

  • Grid computing: Is it right for your business?

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Grid computing in Linux environments is a hot topic at the Enterprise Linux Forum Conference & Expo this week. Several conference presentations focus on developments in open-source standards for grid computing and the major...