Linux high-performance computing and supercomputing

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  • Linux clusters for HPC: Why and why not?

    What's keeping high-performance computing users away from Linux clusters? Should they reconsider? Linux clustering expert Len Rosenthal answers these questions. He also names his first choice for an HPC cluster processor. 

  • BladeRunner hunts the competition

    A new player arrived on the Linux blade server horizon this week as Linux-exclusive vendor Penguin Computing launched BladeRunner. More cluster than android, this server hopes to compete with the likes of Dell for a share of a booming Linux blade ser... 

  • Moshe Bar: Misinformation slowing grid, utility computing adoption

    Open source advocate Moshe Bar is all for the rapid adoption of infrastructure concepts such as on-demand and grid computing. But these initiatives won't go anyway until vendors figure out a better way to communicate the message. 

  • Linux-based clusters spreading to commercial ventures

    The Linux cluster community received a proverbial "shot in the arm" last week as Linux Networx, a Linux-based cluster manufacturing company, was given a $40 million investment of Series B funding. 

  • Rocks Linux and Sun desktops 'supersize' scientists' images

    Biomedical researchers use Linux to assist in viewing huge datasets on a PC. 

  • Linux clusters give HPC price-performance

    Find out which types of enterprise IT shops are checking out and what's ahead for HPC Linux clusters. 

  • Beowulf founder: Linux is ready for high-performance computing

    Beowulf clustering turns 10 years old, and, in this interview, creator Donald Becker talks about how Beowulf can handle high-end computing on a par with supercomputers. 

  • Cray Canada CTO answers IT pros' HPC questions

    IT pros pepper Cray Canada CTO Paul Terry with their questions on Linux clusters and high performance computing. 

  • Filling in the gaps among Linux clusters, part 2

    While Linux clusters can handle the demands of high performance computing, they're still lacking in some key features, said Eric Pitcher, vice president of technical marketing for Linux Networx, a cluster systems provider in Bluffdale, Utah. In part ... 

  • Linux clusters can have their day vs. supercomputers, part 1

    Linux clusters can meet the demands of high-performance applications and have advantages over supercomputers, even supercomputers priced to compete with them, says Eric Pitcher, Ph.D., and vice president of product marketing for Linux Networx, a clus...