Linux high-performance computing and supercomputing

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  • Former Sun exec makes leap to Linux clusters

    Bill Cook, a 19-year veteran of Sun Microsystems, speaks with about his new role and his desire to bring Linux clusters to the masses. 

  • Author describes keys to business-ready Linux clusters

    Yes, you can build highly reliable and enterprise-ready Linux-based server clusters using free open source software components. Karl Kopper, author of the new book "The Enterprise Linux Cluster" did. recently talked to Koppe... 

  • Linux cluster no crash test dummy for Volvo

    News that Volvo is implementing a Linux high-performance computing cluster bodes well for automotive safety. But the bigger story is that IBM has taken the technology from university environments to commercial applications. 

  • Red Hat Linux, Oracle apps travel in style

    Who knew the Penguin loved to travel? MLT Vacations, a Minneapolis, Minn.-based travel agency did. The company managed to save a cool million with the help of Linux and Oracle apps in a decidedly chilly travel environment. 

  • A Linux cluster primer, part one

    Linux cluster expert Tom Quinn identifies applications that easily adapt to clusters, ones that need tweaking first, and the physical data center barriers to clustering. 

  • A Linux cluster primer, part two

    Linux cluster expert Tom Quinn offers advice on how to simplify cluster management and explains the pros and cons of recycling servers. 

  • Blades cool hot, crowded data center

    Tier 1 suppliers aren't the only ones that can come up with highly efficient Linux clusters. Just ask the managment team at Silicon Valley's Magma Design Automation. 

  • Scyld's new cluster has Linux distro, Ganglia inside

    An IDC analyst says Scyld Software is taking a unique approach with the newest release of its Linux distribution and clustering bundle. 

  • CEO: Labor costs to plummet with utility computing

    The CEO of data center management software vendor Qlusters Inc. explains how Linux will help shape the future of utility computing. 

  • Beowulf founder: Linux clusters ousting supercomputers

    In this exclusive interview, Beowulf Project co-founder Donald Becker said he sees Linux cluster, Opteron, SuSE and InfiniBand roles expanding to take over the space held by supercomputers.