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  • LinuxWorld: OpenLogic CTO says lock-in endangers open source, too; Windows' GUI blocks Linux desktop

    Lack of support for open source apps remains a barrier to adoption, says OpenLogic Inc. CTO Ron Cope. In this interview, Cope discusses this and other open source issues, and talks about his company's announcements at this week's LinuxWorld conferenc... 

  • Linux desktop market still wait-and-see

    Linux is thriving, but the perception is that top vendors Red Hat and Novell continue to tread cautiously with a desktop offering. However, news of a new Debian distro in the days leading up to LinuxWorld San Francisco could mean heat ahead. 

  • Windows vs. Linux/OSS today, part 2: Linux experts see strong server, weak desktop

    A user- and integration-friendlier Linux could kick Microsoft's Windows server operating system out of the data center altogether -- one day. Today, however, Linux and open source software are powerhouses that need more fuel to outpace Windows in the... 

  • Sizing up the Linux desktop market, part 2

    Operating systems expert Tony Iams explains which rising stars to look out for in the Linux desktop market, and offers advice for those mulling a move away from Windows. 

  • Sizing up the Linux desktop market, part 1

    Linux on the desktop hasn't exactly lit the world on fire just yet. But desktop Linux features, functionality and levels of application support are getting better and better. We talked to operating systems expert Tony Iams to find just how the market... 

  • 'Cookbook' author serves up recipe for Linux success

    Author Michael Stutz discusses the virtues of shells and looks at the issue of graphical versus command-line interfaces. 

  • LAMP and J2EE competition heating up

    As vendors focus on the LAMP stack of open source software, JBoss hopes simplified J2EE development will keep users on its side of the aisle. But could IBM spoil their fun? 

  • Making money with open source

    SpikeSource CEO Kim Polese explains the money-making and money-saving opportunities being created by the open source development model. 

  • Choosing a Linux desktop

    Site expert Mark Hinkle runs down his top choices for Linux desktop systems. 

  • Experts: Linux desktop growth steady and unstoppable

    Two desktop experts well versed in interoperability issues weigh in on what's ready to run, what's still warming up and why some users are still betting on other contenders.