Linux enterprise desktop distributions

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  • Sound off: Sun, Microsoft settlement irks some

    Last week, a SEC filing revealed a settlement between Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, made last April, which would prevent the two companies from suing one another. The agreement included a provision excluding -- the open source branch... 

  • Perens: Companies finding desktop space for Linux, part 1

    SAN FRANCISCO -- While others predicted that enterprise adoption of Linux desktops would take off in 2004, open source advocate Bruce Perens took a longer view. He sticks by his earlier prediction that Linux will run on 30% of enterprise desktops by ... 

  • Open source leading state's IT overhaul

    Massachusetts CIO Peter Quinn has a plan to reform the state's IT operations, and open source software plays a leading role. 

  • Minister puts 'penguin in the pews'

    If you're already a penguinista, Pastor Parris is preaching to the choir. But for those who aren't converted to open source, this minister is spreading the gospel of Linux and practicing what he preaches. 

  • Migration in-depth, part 3: Getting flexibility with Novell's Linux services

    An enterprise-wide Linux implementation has been on the wish list of Health First Inc.'s IT department for years Now that Novell Inc. is on the Linux scene, the IT team's wishing well is running over. They're bringing many Novell's Nterprise Linux Se... 

  • Migration in-depth, part 1: Why Health First is dumping MS Office

    There are two big IT projects going on at Health First Inc., and Linux is at the heart of both of them. Health First, a family of Brevard County, Fla., nonprofit health care facilities, is migrating its desktops to OpenOffice and bringing in many Nov... 

  • Red Hat eases into desktop Linux

    Red Hat Desktop may not challenge Windows for desktop dominance, but it will find a home in certain niche installations, industry analysts said. 

  • Quick Takes: Xandros announces desktop management server

    Xandros Inc. released a beta of its new desktop management server, leading off this edition of Quick Takes. Also included are items from PathScale and VMware. 

  • Thinning down the Linux desktop

    A Linux thin-client workstations, terminal-server combination is giving enterprises something to consider on the desktop. 

  • Thin Linux implementation right prescription for doctors

    A New York medical group sweeps its desktops clean of Windows and Novell and moves in a bevy of Linux thin clients.