Linux enterprise desktop distributions

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  • Linux distributions: Servers and desktops

    Trying to decide what flavor of Linux you want on the desktop or server side? This fast guide provides a whirlwind tour of the top Linux distributions. 

  • Active Directory and Linux guide

    This guide contains essential information for running an integrated network with Active Directory and Linux. 

  • Red Hat and SUSE Linux how-tos

    Here are tips, tricks, expert advice and information for installation, administration and configuration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux distributions. 

  • Linux desktop analysis

    Is the time right to switch your company's desktops to Linux? In this report, analysts, authors, IT pros and vendors assess the state of the Linux desktop's capabilities and market acceptance. Get the scoop on the new release of OpenOffice, the open ... 

  • Goobuntu

    Goobuntu (Google Ubuntu) is the operating system (OS) that Google uses for its employee computer desktop workstations. 

  • Linux Foundation

    The Linux Foundation is a consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux, an open source alternative to the Unix operating system... (Continued) 

  • FreeBSD

    FreeBSD is a popular free and open source operating system that is based on the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) version of the Unix operating system. It runs on processors such as the Pentium that are compatible with Intel's x86 architecture and... 

  • Puppy Linux

    Puppy Linux is a compact version of Linux, an operating system (OS) that provides computer users with a free or low-cost alternative to Unix. Puppy Linux is one of several similar OSs, all of which together make up a group called skinny Linux... (Con... 

  • skinny Linux (Austrumi, Puppy Linux Damn Small Linux and Feather Linux)

    Skinny Linux is an umbrella term that encompasses any compact version of the Linux operating system, such as Austrumi, Puppy Linux Damn Small Linux and Feather Linux. (...Continued) 

About Linux enterprise desktop distributions

Choosing a Linux enterprise desktop operating system for your environment means determining which Linux distribution is most appropriate for your enterprise's various system configurations. Whether you are running the latest version of Ubuntu or Red Hat or OpenSUSE or Hannah Montana Linux in the enterprise, find out about what's new in the desktop space and get news and advice on desktop distributions and distribution adoption for IT managers. Here you will find tips on using GNOME to manage end-user's desktops and reviews of the latest desktop distribution updates.