• Open source Web content control options

    Setting up Web filters to control the content employees and customers using your Linux network can access is an important part of securing your Linux system. Learn about some open source solutions ...

  • What do you know about Linux administration tools?

    How well do you know Linux tools? Test your understanding of tools for application servers, networking, scripting, Mozilla, security, management and administration, and desktops.

  • Linux desktop adoption boosted by economy

    The tough economy is boosting Linux desktops in business, especially among existing users, but small market share makes major gains a daunting challenge.

  • Moblin

    Moblin is a Linux-based platform that is optimized for small computing devices. The Moblin project is Intel's open source initiative created to develop software for smartphones, netbooks and other ...

Linux enterprise desktop applications

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  • Desktop Summit '05: Time to turn Linux enthusiasts into evangelists

    A theme of the third annual open source conference is for the user community to tout Linux for its security and reliability, not just lower costs. 

  • Expert: Nifty Linux apps can work for home and business users alike

    Brenno de Winter, a desktop Linux expert for SearchEnterpriseLinux.com, said enterprises looking to Linux might be well off if they looked no further than the desktop. 

  • Desktop apps ripe turf for open source

    Two new reports on open source validate office suite application alternatives like OpenOffice.org and StarOffice and their push into the mainstream against market giant Microsoft Office. 

  • Sound off: Sun, Microsoft settlement irks some

    Last week, a SEC filing revealed a settlement between Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, made last April, which would prevent the two companies from suing one another. The agreement included a provision excluding OpenOffice.org -- the open source branch... 

  • French government agency moves out NT, moves in Linux

    The French Ministry of Equipment announced today a project to move its Windows NT office and infrastructure servers to Mandrakesoft's Linux distribution. 

  • Open source leading state's IT overhaul

    Massachusetts CIO Peter Quinn has a plan to reform the state's IT operations, and open source software plays a leading role. 

  • Migration in-depth, part 2: Tearing away MS Office's tentacles

    Microsoft's tentacles reach deep inside many of the 500 applications used by Health First Inc.'s three hospitals and multiple medical facilities in Brevard County, Fla. To get as many departments using OpenOffice as possible, Health First's migration... 

  • Migration in-depth, part 1: Why Health First is dumping MS Office

    There are two big IT projects going on at Health First Inc., and Linux is at the heart of both of them. Health First, a family of Brevard County, Fla., nonprofit health care facilities, is migrating its desktops to OpenOffice and bringing in many Nov... 

  • Novell releases Ximian Connector to open source

    Novell makes a pair of moves it hopes will ease interoperability concerns enterprises have about deploying Linux desktops. 

  • Learning guide: Desktop Linux

    What's that saying about shutting a door and opening a window? On enterprise desktops, many people are shutting their Windows and opening their doors to a penguin -- Tux. Find out how to invite the penguin to your desk in this handy learning guide.