• Open source Web content control options

    Setting up Web filters to control the content employees and customers using your Linux network can access is an important part of securing your Linux system. Learn about some open source solutions ...

  • What do you know about Linux administration tools?

    How well do you know Linux tools? Test your understanding of tools for application servers, networking, scripting, Mozilla, security, management and administration, and desktops.

  • Linux desktop adoption boosted by economy

    The tough economy is boosting Linux desktops in business, especially among existing users, but small market share makes major gains a daunting challenge.

  • Moblin

    Moblin is a Linux-based platform that is optimized for small computing devices. The Moblin project is Intel's open source initiative created to develop software for smartphones, netbooks and other ...

Linux enterprise desktop applications

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  • Learning and creating databases

    MySQL expert Scott Noyes advises a user on where to find information for creating a database. 

  • Installing SLED 10

    Open source software and apps expert Bernard Golden says that installing SUSE Linux Desktop 10 isn't any harder than installing Windows. 

  • The cost of changing desktops

    Open source software and apps expert Bernard Golden explains why jumping from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice isn't as difficult as some people think. 

  • Finding proprietary office suite alternatives running on Linux

    Expert Bernard Golden recommends proprietary office suite alternatives to OpenOffice that will run on Linux such as StarOffice and Corel WordPerfect. 

  • q-mail for the enterprise

    An open source issues and strategies expert tells why qmail is enterprise-ready and more secure than Sendmail. 

  • Restricting user access to home directories

    Security expert James Turnbull describes how to restrict user access to home directories through the use of the "chroot" command. 

  • Migrating from MS Works database

    Office suites expert Solveig Haugland describes how to update data in a text database to migrate files from MS Works to OpenOffice. 

  • Limiting access to single user accounts

    Expert James Turnbull explains how to limit multiple active sessions for a single user account on Red Hat 8.0. 

  • Red Hat Server vs. Fedora Core

    Unix-Linux migration expert Ken Milberg explains the difference between Red Hat Server and Fedora Core. 

  • Paving the way for OpenOffice

    Office suite expert Solveig Haugland describes the factors affecting the ease of transitioning from one office suite to another.