• Open source Web content control options

    Setting up Web filters to control the content employees and customers using your Linux network can access is an important part of securing your Linux system. Learn about some open source solutions ...

  • What do you know about Linux administration tools?

    How well do you know Linux tools? Test your understanding of tools for application servers, networking, scripting, Mozilla, security, management and administration, and desktops.

  • Linux desktop adoption boosted by economy

    The tough economy is boosting Linux desktops in business, especially among existing users, but small market share makes major gains a daunting challenge.

  • Moblin

    Moblin is a Linux-based platform that is optimized for small computing devices. The Moblin project is Intel's open source initiative created to develop software for smartphones, netbooks and other ...

Linux enterprise desktop applications

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  • Follow the expert: Making an OpenOffice.org 2.0 presentation

    In this tip, follow OpenOffice.org instructor and author Solveig Haugland as she describes the step-by-step process for creating a presentation in the new 2.0 release of OpenOffice. 

  • Linux desktop analysis

    Is the time right to switch your company's desktops to Linux? In this report, analysts, authors, IT pros and vendors assess the state of the Linux desktop's capabilities and market acceptance. Get the scoop on the new release of OpenOffice, the open ... 

  • Spreadsheet troubles in OpenOffice

    I am starting to use OO calc, and was very used to excel. Now I'm having trouble with previews, printing and special characters. Can you help? 

  • Windows-to-Linux desktop migration tips: Why to switch, how to plan

    Versora CTO Jon Walker provides the why and how of migration from Windows to Linux. Why, in a nutshell: Better technology. 

  • What's hot in new open source apps

    Which are the right open source products for your company? In this audiocast, open source author/guru Bernard Golden will discuss high-payoff open source applications. Get the scoop on ActiveGrid, Jasper Reports, Xen and other products on the horizon... 

  • Novell: Consumers will lead the way to desktop Linux

    Novell Inc. idea man Matt Asay makes predictions about the path of Linux desktop adoption and offers some insights into Novell's desktop Linux strategy. 

  • Linux desktops: Hacks, apps and enterprise use

    Jono Bacon recommends favorite hacks from his book and discusses the growing enterprise acceptance of Linux on the desktop. 

  • Inside OpenOffice 2.0, part 2

    Solveig Haugland continues her review of OpenOffice 2.0 with descriptions of three new and highly anticipated additions to the open source personal productivity suite. 

  • Inside OpenOffice.org 2.0, part 1

    OpenOffice.org instructor Solveig Haugland explains why the upcoming OpenOffice 2.0 is set to make her job a whole lot easier. 

  • Linux on the desktop nearly there, but not quite

    Book author Edward Haletky has seen desktop Linux application availability and usability increase to the point where it's nearly ready for widespread corporate use. Yet Haletky does not think that Linux desktops will be widespread by 2007. In this in...