Linux backup and storage

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  • Red Hat discloses RHEL roadmap

    Many improvements are coming to RHEL, including changes to installations, file systems and the user interface. 

  • After delay, Fedora 10 finally available

    After being waylaid a month because of a security breach, Fedora 10 includes features for remote management of servers, storage in the cloud, energy saving and more. 

  • SteelEye combines Linux server failover and remote data replication

    The all-in-one Linux failover clustering and data replication suite is a cheaper approach to disaster recovery than storage-based methods. 

  • BakBone delivers MySQL 3.0 backup option

    BakBone Software is hoping to capitalize on the rising tide of enterprise-class MySQL database deployments with NetVault: Backup APM for MySQL 3.0. 

  • Sun's storage plans still fuzzy

    Industry analysts remain skeptical of Sun's ability to integrate StorageTek, and are unclear on the company's roadmap and direction. 

  • Red Hat-Sistina combo makes Linux storage-friendly

    A storage analyst said Red Hat's planned acquisition of Sistina Inc. accelerates the Linux distributor's push deeper into enterprise data centers. 

  • Linux a snug fit for storage

    Pogo Linux Inc. targets midsized companies with its server and storage products. Its focus is those firms whose needs and budgets are better suited for Linux-based products. Founded in 1999 and profitable for three years, Pogo Linux has shifted its c... 

  • Expert Q&A: Putting Linux storage to work

    Linux servers have proven their mettle on the edge of the enterprise, as print and file servers. What's next? Storage is the next frontier, according to's resident experts. Building Storage Area Networks (SANs) on Linux can ... 

  • gzip (GNU zip)

    Gzip (GNU zip) is a free and open source algorithm for file compression. The software is overseen by the GNU project.... (Continued) 

  • DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device)

    DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device) is a Linux-based software component that facilitates the replacement of shared storage systems by networked mirroring. DRBD makes it possible to maintain consistency of data among multiple systems in a netwo... 

About Linux backup and storage

Protecting data on Linux servers from loss during a disaster and from server failure is critical for business continuity. Linux backup methods and storage choices vary depending on system and business needs. From crontab backup, automated backup, database backup, and distribution features, to NAS, SAN, RAID, SSD, and kernel improvements to I/O for storage, find out what's available in Linux backup and storage, and how it works. This topic also covers iSCSI storage area networks, the ext4 file system and open source SANs.