Linux administration tools

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  • Enterprise Ubuntu Linux server monitoring and management made easy with Landscape 1.5

    Canonical's Landscape 1.5 released with Ubuntu 10.04 features group server management and automated alerts to ease the regular tasks of a Linux admin. The paid service provides these additional management tasks beyond regular management and monitorin... 

  • Five things you didn't know Bash could do on Linux

    Bash offers a lot of tools to Linux admins, and it may take you years to get a handle on all the useful ones. Learn five lesser-known Bash scripts for your Linux systems including extended globbing, cdspell shell options, improved Bash history, inter... 

  • Using libguestfs to easily access Linux virtual machine file systems

    Libguestfs is a library on Linux that helps you access and modify virtual machine disk images. You can then run Linux commands and troubleshoot the machine image from the libguestfs shell or host operating system. Learn how to navigate libguestfs, an... 

  • Using Clonezilla for simplified Linux server disk cloning

    Using the open source tool Clonezilla can save Linux administrators time when performing the common task of cloning Linux machines. Learn how the tool works and what options and configurations are supported and available. 

  • Fixing Linux I/O write performance problems

    Learn how to optimize your Linux server for I/O writes by adjusting I/O scheduler settings and journaling settings along with some advice about partition set-up. 

  • Analyzing Linux write performance problems with iotop

    Write performance on a Linux system may be causing a performance problem, and iotop shows you how the write processes are affecting I/O and storage. The iotop Linux command is more informative than top for determining the cause of the Linux server pe... 

  • Patching running Linux kernels on servers with no reboot using Ksplice Uptrack

    Ksplice Uptrack keeps Linux servers up-to-date with recent kernel security patches without rebooting, saving time and reducing down-time for mission critical production servers. Learn how the tool works and hear about a Linux-based hosting provider t... 

  • Linux cloning over the network using netcat

    Use netcat to clone Linux images over the network onto multiple servers with a series of simple Linux commands including tar, tee, and dd. This alternative to tools like Clonezilla does not require setting up a separate server. 

  • Linux networking: Using ip tool instead of ifconfig

    If your server was configured manually, make sure the Linux network is set up with the correct IP configurations and the ip tool is being used to monitor your systems. 

  • Linux provisioning automation with Cobbler

    Learn how to set up and run, Cobbler, an install and provisioning server. It holds OS images and manages PXE booting, network configuration and deploys and installs them. It supports a wide variety of platforms including Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, SuSE...