Linux administration tools

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  • Ten command line time-savers for Linux administrators

    Quick command line navigation and execution is the key to easy Linux system administration. Learn these 10 command line tricks to increase your proficiency and speed in Bash or other Linux shells. 

  • Managing Red Hat from a graphical environment over SSH with PuTTY

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux administration can be conducted through a GNOME graphical interface. Learn how to remotely use these tools over an SSH connection using PuTTY. 

  • Secure remote Linux logging with rsyslog

    The rsyslog daemon allows a choice between UDP, TCP and RELP logging protocols for your Linux system. TCP and RELP offer guaranteed log messaging, for more secure logs. 

  • Mastering the Linux history command

    Learning how to take advantage of the Linux history command, as well as the Bash variant, can save Linux admins a lot of time. Discover how the command works, including shortcuts, searching and settings. 

  • Comparing the advantages of zshell over bash shell in Linux

    Linux admins interested in using zsh instead of bash shell will learn what is similar and what is different. Zshell offers new features for tab completion and typo correction and others that would be much more complex in bash. 

  • Signing Linux RPM files using a Gnu Privacy Guard key

    Signing Linux RPM packages assures users of the package that the RPM has not been tampered with. Learn how to create a Gnu Privacy Guard key and sign your RPM packages. 

  • SUSE Manager for Linux virtualization systems management

    Novell's new systems management tool, SUSE Manager, runs as a software appliance in a virtualized environment. Learn how to install and configure SUSE Manager in a Linux XenServer system. 

  • Creating RPM packages in Linux

    RPM software management on Linux systems truly has an advantage when you create your own RPM packages. Learn how to use the enhanced vim option to automatically generate a template file after creating a new RPM file with the .spec extension. 

  • Using Zabbix for open source network management

    Proactive monitoring and other advanced features have contributed to the growing popularity of Zabbix as an open source network-management tool. 

  • A guide to becoming a Puppet master

    This guide can help system administrators make Puppet, the open source configuration management application, a valuable part of their data center toolbox.