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  • Asterisk for PBX administration

    Open source apps and software expert Bernard Golden recommends open source Asterisk for PBX administration. 

  • Open source servers serve up challenges

    Before you dive into do-it-yourself open source, make sure you know your technology. An expert walks readers through his experience installing and configuring open source server app Mambo. 

  • Users see wider desktop adoption in Ubuntu's future

    Ubuntu users love Ubuntu's easy installation and community support. But will Ubuntu, a free commercial Linux desktop, take market share away from Red Hat and Novell? 

  • Sybase: Views vs. stored procedures

    Sybase expert Mich Talebzadeh describes the similarities between views and stored procedures that can lead to differences in the speed of compilation. 

  • Enlarging your Sybase database

    In this tip, Dr. Talebzadeh gives helpful examples of removing unwanted transactions and code for boosting your master database capacity. 

  • Using Samba for file/print sharing needs

    Open source apps and software expert Bernard Golden recommends using Samba for file/print services when introducing Linux to your Windows shop. 

  • Digium points Asterisk toward enterprise VoIP

    Digium, profitable since 2002, is pushing into the enterprise for deployments of its open source PBX. A $13.8 million cash infusion from a high-profile venture capitalist may give it the boost it needs. 

  • Kickstart your Linux security by avoiding garbage installations

    Unnecessary packages on servers pose a security risk, because their processes can be hijacked by hackers. But if you use Kickstart, you can customize your installations without costing yourself loads of time. 

  • Automating Amazon research with the Zend Framework

    Use the open source Zend Framework with Amazon Web Services to rapidly develop a Web application. Article includes sample code. 

  • Enterprise open source migrations: Dealing with file services

    File services look simple enough, but file services are probably the most critical networking service of all, save directory services. Get an overview of the file service options in the open source world and learn how to use them to replace their tra...