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  • Chapter 15 -- Handling file uploads -- of 'Beginning PHP and MySQL 5'

    Chapter 15 -- Handling file uploads -- of 'Beginning PHP and MySQL 5' describes role of PHP's file-upload functions

  • Preparing the enterprise for an open source software stack

    Interested in making open source software an integral part of your core enterprise software stack? Allow analyst Raven Zachary to guide your efforts with these tips for a successful enterprise-level deployment. 

  • Complete desktop packages

    Open source apps and software consultant Bernard Golden recommends Linspire/Freespire as having a complete desktop package. 

  • OSS alternatives to proprietary desktop apps

    Open source apps and software expert Bernard Golden recommends Firefox and OpenOffice 2.0 as two open source alternative to proprietary Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer. 

  • Asterisk for PBX administration

    Open source apps and software expert Bernard Golden recommends open source Asterisk for PBX administration. 

  • DAC and MAC safety

    Security expert James Turnbull describes the difference between discretionary access control and mandatory access control and which is safer. 

  • Open source servers serve up challenges

    Before you dive into do-it-yourself open source, make sure you know your technology. An expert walks readers through his experience installing and configuring open source server app Mambo. 

  • Users see wider desktop adoption in Ubuntu's future

    Ubuntu users love Ubuntu's easy installation and community support. But will Ubuntu, a free commercial Linux desktop, take market share away from Red Hat and Novell? 

  • Sybase: Views vs. stored procedures

    Sybase expert Mich Talebzadeh describes the similarities between views and stored procedures that can lead to differences in the speed of compilation. 

  • Enlarging your Sybase database

    In this tip, Dr. Talebzadeh gives helpful examples of removing unwanted transactions and code for boosting your master database capacity.