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  • Zenoss takes on IBM, HP systems management

    Can open source startups compete with IBM in the systems management space? spoke with Zenoss CEO Bill Karpovich to hear why he thinks the answer could lie in the mid market. 

  • Linux security: Top 10 tips

    Harden your Linux security further with these tips on Bash, the command line, PAM, Novell's AppArmor and more. 

  • SUSE security: Forgotten passwords, AppArmor

    A security expert describes how to harden your openSUSE 10.2 installation and talks about open source security tools. 

  • LinuxWorld: Managing mixed source software stacks

    Get a Linux architect's opinion of Vista and four tips on managing a data center's mix of open and closed source software stacks in this report on Russell Pavlicek's LinuxWorld workshop. 

  • Linux/Unix commands: How to get copy, conversion power with dd

    Learn how to use dd, a Linux command for handling convert-and-copy tasks. An expert shows how to clone your hard drive, create a backup of your Master Backup Record and increase your swap space. 

  • Turning on


  • Enterprise redundancy using VRRP

    Get started using Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), a standard used in enterprise environments where routing redundancy is necessary for host stations. VRRP can provide additional availability to help reduce router failure on your Linux netw... 

  • Looking ahead to Nagios 3.0

    James Turnbull, author of "Pro Nagios 2.0," describes the new features in the upcoming Nagios 3.0 enterprise monitoring program. 

  • Nagios Looking Glass: Getting started

    Nagios Looking Glass (NLG) allows users to access Nagios data on a Web server via an HTTP connection. Learn how to set up the NLG client-server model in this tip. 

  • Managing events with Nagios Event Broker

    Use modules with Nagios Event Broker, a server event output and integration tool, for receiving events and executing code on them. In this tip, you'll learn how NEB functions, what modules are available and how to find other modules.