• Taking control with the Linux command line

    Linux expert William E. Shotts Jr. wants more Linux users to discover the command line and tap the advanced functionality below the GUI.

  • Upgrading to Ubuntu Server 11.04

    Upgrading to Ubuntu Server 11.04 may not be necessary, as you may want to wait for the April 2012 release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Learn about why to upgrade now, and how to do it.

  • Ten command line time-savers for Linux admins

    Quick command line navigation and execution is the key to easy Linux system administration. Learn these 10 command line tricks to increase your proficiency and speed in Bash or other Linux shells.

  • Mastering the Linux history command

    Learning how to take advantage of the Linux history command, as well as the Bash variant, can save Linux admins a lot of time. Discover how the command works, including shortcuts, searching and set...

Introduction to Linux system administration

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  • Backup CRAC: Avoid a summer server meltdown

    Backup CRAC: Summer is the season for unpredictable power outages. You've backed up your servers, but what about the air conditioners? Without cool air, your servers will sizzle. 

  • CalPoly standardizes on Oracle

    California Polytechnic Institute students are furthering their education with a little help from Oracle applications and Linux. 

  • Choosing a Linux desktop

    Site expert Mark Hinkle runs down his top choices for Linux desktop systems. 

  • Opening up to open source, part 1

    Firms mulling an investment in open source technology have plenty of questions. Is open source truly ready for the enterprise? Is it a proper fit for my company? Which licensing issues do I need to be concerned with? It's Stan Dolberg's job to hel... 

  • Opening up to open source, part 2

    Stan Dolberg understands open source. The president of Carriage House Consulting and a former head of research and strategy at Forrester Research, Dolberg developed a framework that companies can use to decide if they're a good candidate for open sou... 

  • Linux IT jobs increasing, outsourcing showing signs of weakness

    The job market for Linux IT professionals still looks mighty good. Actually, it looks too good -- the market has attracted enough IT pros to drive salaries down a bit, according to David Foote, president of Foote Partners, an IT compensation research... 

  • Do admins dream of electric sleep?


  • How IT pros got hooked on open source software

    Three IT pros talk about how they discovered open source software, took a risk and made the jump, and where that move has led them today. 

  • Linux, remember your training

    Users and experts agree that companies that want to use open source must first budget for proper training and have a plan before they go jumping blindly onto the Linux bandwagon. 

  • Golden's Rules: Analyst blunders in assessment of open source CRM

    On the day the peasants stormed the Bastille, beginning the French Revolution, King Louis XVI famously wrote in his diary, "Nothing happened."