• Taking control with the Linux command line

    Linux expert William E. Shotts Jr. wants more Linux users to discover the command line and tap the advanced functionality below the GUI.

  • Upgrading to Ubuntu Server 11.04

    Upgrading to Ubuntu Server 11.04 may not be necessary, as you may want to wait for the April 2012 release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Learn about why to upgrade now, and how to do it.

  • Ten command line time-savers for Linux admins

    Quick command line navigation and execution is the key to easy Linux system administration. Learn these 10 command line tricks to increase your proficiency and speed in Bash or other Linux shells.

  • Mastering the Linux history command

    Learning how to take advantage of the Linux history command, as well as the Bash variant, can save Linux admins a lot of time. Discover how the command works, including shortcuts, searching and set...

Introduction to Linux system administration

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  • Migrating from Unix-Linux in 7 steps

    Make sure you've got all your bases covered with this checklist on the process of migrating from Unix to Linux. 

  • In the know with intranets

    Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit most from intranets, which offer better productivity, knowledge sharing and money-saving resources. 

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    How does Linux compare to Windows in 2006? Experts weigh in on that question in these articles, comparing the operating systems' security, reliability and usability. Get insiders' views on Microsoft's proprietary stack versus open source software, as... 

  • Open source stacks move into critical operations

    IT managers must understand the changing dynamic of open source software stacks if they hope to benefit from flexibility and vendor independence down the road, says analyst Raven Zachary. 

  • Preparing the enterprise for an open source software stack

    Interested in making open source software an integral part of your core enterprise software stack? Allow analyst Raven Zachary to guide your efforts with these tips for a successful enterprise-level deployment. 

  • Complete desktop packages

    Open source apps and software consultant Bernard Golden recommends Linspire/Freespire as having a complete desktop package. 

  • Resources for learning kernel commands

    Open source apps and software expert Bernard Golden recommends three books for getting started with Linux kernel commands. 

  • Closing code won't save you

    Security expert James Turnbull explains why equating safety with hiding your source code is a fallacy. 

  • Open Directory Project (ODP)

    The Open Directory Project (ODP) is a human-edited index of Web sites... (Continued)