• Taking control with the Linux command line

    Linux expert William E. Shotts Jr. wants more Linux users to discover the command line and tap the advanced functionality below the GUI.

  • Upgrading to Ubuntu Server 11.04

    Upgrading to Ubuntu Server 11.04 may not be necessary, as you may want to wait for the April 2012 release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Learn about why to upgrade now, and how to do it.

  • Ten command line time-savers for Linux admins

    Quick command line navigation and execution is the key to easy Linux system administration. Learn these 10 command line tricks to increase your proficiency and speed in Bash or other Linux shells.

  • Mastering the Linux history command

    Learning how to take advantage of the Linux history command, as well as the Bash variant, can save Linux admins a lot of time. Discover how the command works, including shortcuts, searching and set...

Introduction to Linux system administration

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  • Deciding when to use Linux file system barriers

    Linux file system barriers in Ext3 and Ext4 protect data written to the journal. Learn how these barriers work and in which use cases they are a benefit, and in which cases you should disable them on your Linux servers. 

  • Linux command line tricks: less, screen, pgrep HTTP servers and more

    Mastering the Linux command line can make a system administrator's job much easier. Learn these command line tricks including aliasing more to always be less, using pgrep, screen, tmux, and aspell as well as quickly creating an HTTP server for file s... 

  • Configuring Linux management tasks: Integration and security

    In this Q&A, see how an administrator can best approach Linux management, including learning the importance of integration and top security methods, commands and functions. 

  • Working with Linux file system attributes

    File system attributes can provide a valuable addition to the way you ensure security on your Linux server. Learn how to mount, list and change file system attributes in ext4. 

  • The top 10 Linux tips of 2010

    The top Linux tips of 2010, based on SearchEnterpriseLinux.com reader data, include five Bash secrets for Linux and getting started with Clonezilla for Linux server disk cloning. 

  • Enterprise Linux learning guide library

    This Enterprise Linux learning guide library features expert information on all things Linux and open source, including getting started with Linux and Windows/Linux interoperability. 

  • A collection of the top Linux command tips

    This collection of expert advice compiles the top Linux command tips from SearchEnterpriseLinux.com based on user data, including how to use grep and sed, netstat, and more. 

  • Slackware

    Slackware is the earliest distribution of the Linux operating system that is still being developed... (Continued) 

  • Training Unix staff to manage Linux environments

    In a migration from Unix to Linux, the staff need to be trained to manage the new Linux environment. Learn how the systems management of Linux differs from Unix and what your staff needs to know to handle the transition. 

  • Five things you didn't know Bash could do on Linux

    Bash offers a lot of tools to Linux admins, and it may take you years to get a handle on all the useful ones. Learn five lesser-known Bash scripts for your Linux systems including extended globbing, cdspell shell options, improved Bash history, inter...