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  • Chapter 8, The Dating Game

    Chapter 8 -- The dating game -- of "Shell Scripting Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach" provides over a dozen functions for manipulating and formatting dates. 

  • OpenOffice workarounds for Calc, Writer

    In this tip, an expert demonstrates how to convert Writer documents to Word, suggests some open source alternatives to Microsoft products and explains a Calc workaround for editing spreadsheet headers. 

  • Triggers and mutating table errors in MySQL

    Discover what can trigger mutating table errors MySQL and learn about the differences between statement and row triggers. 

  • Combining OpenOffice.org text documents using master files

    Using OpenOffice's master documents function allows you to make page numbering consecutive and generate a table of contents. Simplify your document dealings with this tip. 

  • Using styles in OpenOffice.org

    Manual formatting without styles means time-consuming, repetitive changes to every document. An OpenOffice expert saves you time by explaining how to create sophisticated styles or modify styles already in use. 

  • Don't go binary for your Linux desktop drivers

    Binary drivers only hurt those who are looking for device support for their Linux desktop, says one of the co-authors of the "Linux Administration Handbook." Find why it's better to better to purchase devices that specifically market their Linux supp... 

  • Firefox plug-ins: Download or tune out?

    There is no way to determine whether Firefox plug-ins are malicious or not. In spite of Mozilla's review process, users still download at their own risk. 

  • Using the data pilot: OpenOffice.org Calc's answer to pivot tables

    The data pilot, the OpenOffice equivalent to Excel pivot tables, is a useful feature that lets you apply functions and slice and dice data to see different parts of it in different ways. An expert demonstrates the basics of the data pilot, two filter... 

  • Turning data into information with functions in OpenOffice.org Base

    In this tip, OpenOffice expert Solveig Haugland shows users how to interpret data from Base with views and simple and complex queries. 

  • Exporting data from an OpenOffice.org Base database

    There is no clear-cut method for exporting data from OpenOffice 2.0's Base database, but you can learn how and get some handy shortcuts in this tip. In a snap, you'll get table data into a Writer document and turn it into a spreadsheet or delimited t...