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  • OpenSUSE 11.2: A promising future for the Linux Desktop?

    From easier driver management to command line improvements and software management, OpenSUSE 11.2 has a few features that will make Linux desktop users and admins happy. 

  • Configuring nodes with open source cluster resource management tools

    Open source cluster resource management has cost-effective tools for building high-availability environments. 

  • Building a Linux virtualization solution with OpenVZ

    OpenVZ is an open source, container-based virtualization product, but the host and virtual guest operating system must run Linux. Learn how to install this hypervisor alternative. 

  • Linux provisioning automation with Cobbler

    Learn how to set up and run, Cobbler, an install and provisioning server. It holds OS images and manages PXE booting, network configuration and deploys and installs them. It supports a wide variety of platforms including Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, SuSE... 

  • How to install and get started with OpenQRM

    Learn how to install and use OpenQRM, a free and open source pluggable framework for automatic application deployment, management, and monitoring. It supports a range of virtualization tools and works with Nagios and Puppet. 

  • Recovering your Linux server with a Knoppix rescue disk

    Learn how to recover data on your Linux server if it doesn't boot properly using Knoppix, and how to mount the Linux file systems on your server with step-by-step instructions. How to troubleshoot and interpret server data from the fdisk -l command i... 

  • Using nmap for Linux administration and security

    The open source tool nmap is ideal for network troubleshooting, scanning and auditing. The tool can be used to identify devices on the network as well as the services running on them. It can also identify advanced information, such as operating syste... 

  • Keys to successfully running Samba in a production environment

    Running Samba in a heterogenous production environment with Linux/Unix and Windows systems is critical to business. Learn best practices for configuration, backup, and support. Proper implementation of change control, keeping an updated version of Sa... 

  • Virtualization options for enterprise Linux

    KVM is taking over as the top ranked virtualization option for Linux, despite some of its stability shortcomings compared to Xen. Learn about virtualization options for Linux including container-based and desktop virtualization and where they are app... 

  • Is SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 worth the upgrade?

    SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 has been released with a few new features that may make upgrading attractive. Find out what's new in the Enterprise Server and Desktop editions, and learn whether or not the features make the upgrade worthwhile for your compa...