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  • IT Managers: PGP is easy

    Save yourself a security headache and adopt the easy to use, comprehensive e-mail encryption tool known as PGP. Learn just what it has to offer your IT shop. 

  • How shortcuts and AutoText can make you more efficient

    An office suite expert explains why the AutoText and AutoFormat shortcuts in OpenOffice minimize repetition and maximize efficiency as well as how to use them. 

  • Managing multiple desktops in KDE

    Ever felt like you had a million applications open at once and no way to easily juggle them? Virtual desktops are the answer! In this tip, Mike McCallister explains how to use virtual desktops with KDE. 

  • OpenOffice expert's review: On-the-go docs with AjaxWrite

    An office suite expert explores the word-processing capabilities of a free, web-based app, AjaxWrite, by writing an article with it. 

  • YaST: Setting up a local SUSE Linux update server

    Find out how Novell's SUSE Linux YaST utility can set up your client and server machines to collect updates as well as acting as the installation source for your desktops. 

  • Ogg Vorbis: Music to your ears

    The author of "Linux Multimedia Hacks" recommends using OS music player Amarok, explains why Ogg Vorbis has superior sound quality to the MP3 format and offers a handy audio hack. 

  • Bug tracking, remote databases and workarounds in MySQL

    In this tip, an expert explains how to connect to backup remote databases without using GUIs, recommends an open source solution database management solution for companies interested in superior parsing of MySQL databases and describes a workaround ... 

  • Linux business desktops: Open the pod bay doors, HAL

    Find out how HAL opens the pod bay doors for those who want better hardware device integration for Linux business desktops with a little help from another newcomer, PolicyKit. 

  • The mystery of the missing mail merge

    Seeking a simpler mail merge solution for OpenOffice 2.0? This tip guides you through selecting your starting document, data source and the fields to insert. 

  • Finding hidden treasures in OpenOffice 2.0's Charting Wizard

    Take a tour of the multilayered charting tools of OpenOffice 2.0's Charting Wizard, as you learn to create, edit and master the art of making a polished chart.