Enterprise applications for Linux

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  • E-mail dos & don'ts: Implementing SMTP gateways

    Linux-based e-mail systems make for secure, reliable choices in a network infrastructure, according to expert and author Tony Mancill. 

  • Altiris on Linux management: The gaps, the gaffes, the map

    Linux has proliferated in many enterprises by stealth, entering by the back door and spreading from the edge to the core of IT environments. One day IT managers wake up to find that they've migrated piece by piece to a new enterprise platform and hav... 

  • Making a pitch for OpenOffice

    A SearchEnterpriseLinux.com site expert describes five common objections to replacing Microsoft Office with OpenOffice.org and explains why she sees those objections as bogus. 

  • Gauging the enterprise-readiness of open-source financial apps

    Linux is the de facto platform on Wall Street, but for businesses outside the financial services space, it's hard to find open-source financial applications. 

  • Open-source security shines in Samba case

    Recently discovered flaws in Samba demonstrate how the code-review process used by the open-source community exposes security flaws and how developers now focus on security first. 

  • OpenOffice.org, StarOffice gaining momentum, expert says

    Solveig Haugland scoffs at those who believe that Microsoft Office will rule forever. "OpenOffice.org and Sun Microsystems' StarOffice will become as widely used or more so than Microsoft Office is now," she predicted in a recent interview with Searc... 

  • BMC exec: More shops 'moving key applications to Linux'

    IT shops' interest in enterprise Linux was lukewarm 18 months ago, but now it's hot, according to Lori Allen, BMC Software Inc.'s Linux solutions vice president. In meetings with IT directors around the world, she's seen a rapid increase in the numbe... 

  • Perceptions: Is Linux suitable for business desktops?

    John H. Terpstra, SearchEnterpriseLinux.com advisor and Samba Team co-founder, interviewed 15 pro-Linux and 15-pro-Microsoft IT professionals about the viability of using Linux for business desktops. His findings were first published on DesktopLinux....