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  • Commentary: The desktop revolution

    Open source evangelists predict the age of Linux on the corporate desktop is imminent. 

  • LinuxWorld: Perens to get on desktop soapbox

    Linux advocate Bruce Perens doesn't seem to travel without his soapbox. This week, the open source pioneer and developer will be stumping for the Linux desktop and his UserLinux initiative at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. During his State of Open S... 

  • LinuxWorld preview: Hurdling the desktop barrier

    NEW YORK -- The 2.6 kernel has made Linux enterprise ready, many experts have said since it was released last month. Enhancements make it a formidable server operating system platform, and now the next barrier to fall is the desktop. In this intervie... 

  • Q&A: Expert outlines Mozilla benefits, part 2

    If you think Mozilla is a simple little Web browser, think again. "It's as complex and flexible underneath as a SQL database server, the Linux kernel or J2EE," says Linux programmer Nigel McFarlane, author of the recently published book Rapid App... 

  • Q&A: Expert outlines Mozilla benefits, part 1

    When is a browser more than a browser? When it's the Mozilla platform, a free, open source browser and set of applications, said programmer Nigel McFarlane, author of the recently published book Rapid Application Development with Mozilla, from... 

  • McBride intimates code cleanup in Linux nigh impossible

    SCO Group CEO Darl McBride reacts to the latest volley from the open source community, and he suggests that cleaning up the Linux code that, according to SCO, infringes on the company's Unix IP would leave the open source OS virtually unrecognizable.... 

  • Expert: Is OpenOffice lite? Bilingual? MS Publisher-friendly?

    SearchEnterpriseLinux.com OpenOffice expert Solveig Haugland answers questions about the open source office productivity suite from site users. 

  • Desktop Linux is a tall, but not impossible, leap

    In this interview, an expert discusses the barriers to enterprise adoption of Linux on the desktop, including migration, management and deployment services. He also discusses the advantages. 

  • Perens predicts desktop surge, promotes user-driven enterprise Linux

    In a speech at the first Desktop Linux Consortium conference, Bruce Perens predicted 30% Linux desktop penetration by 2006 and called for a user-driven enterprise version of Linux. 

  • Expert predicts OpenOffice revolution

    OpenOffice guru Solveig Haugland says more enterprises are considering the open source office suite. In this interview, she explains the challenges of moving to OpenOffice, hurdles companies are likely to encounter and whether companies should attemp...