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  • Expert: Nifty Linux apps can work for home and business users alike

    Brenno de Winter, a desktop Linux expert for SearchEnterpriseLinux.com, said enterprises looking to Linux might be well off if they looked no further than the desktop. 

  • ISV's-eye view, part 1: 2005 a big year for new kinds of enterprise Linux apps

    The U.S. may not be turning away from the two-party system, but the enterprise application world is. The third-party candidate, Linux, is winning in many precincts, including states, counties, cities and businesses. As a result, more -- in fact, m... 

  • Mandrakesoft trail could lead to corporate Linux desktop

    If up and coming Linux desktop vendors are smart, they may want to follow the bread crumbs left by companies like Mandrakesoft, which just released two corporate Linux offerings designed to push the operating system into the enterprise desktop scene.... 

  • Rebel frameworks and the J2EE revolution

    A Burton Group report has uncovered a rebellion of sorts in the Java landscape, as it identified a wave of open source frameworks that have the potential to simplify or even replace J2EE in the enterprise. 

  • Consultant: The time is right for open source in the enterprise

    Bob Gett has been in this position before -- twice. When he was the CEO of Viant, he oversaw a company that was a pioneer in Internet-based business applications. Before that, he was a founding partner with Cambridge Technology Partners, which speci... 

  • Linspire CEO: Let Linux compete to keep market fair

    Don't be fooled by a sweetheart deal, said Linspire CEO Michael Robertson. Companies -- and government organizations -- deliberating whether to buy Windows or Linux may find themselves tempted by a sweet price cut from Microsoft. But, Robertson cauti... 

  • E-mail expert: On dumping Outlook, Exchange & IE

    Yes, there are good reasons to move from Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and Internet Explorer to Linux-based and open source alternatives. But there are bad ways to go about it, expert Julie Hanna Farris says in this interview. She also discusses the Fi... 

  • Survey: E-mail may try on a tuxedo

    A new Osterman Research survey may put a penguin in your inbox, so long as those webbed feet don't disrupt end users in the process. 

  • Network architect: Building an affordable SAN on Linux

    Been using a crystal ball predict your company's future storage capacity needs? Well, that's cheaper than buying big proprietary software to do the job, according to Todd Sanders, chief network architect for Centrepetal Solution Strategies 

  • Firefox's 'Peter Parker' complex

    As the Firefox 1.0 buzz continues to reverberate throughout cyberspace, the vibrations of its growing popularity might also attract new users from the darker corners of the Web.