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  • Sizing up the Linux desktop market, part 1

    Linux on the desktop hasn't exactly lit the world on fire just yet. But desktop Linux features, functionality and levels of application support are getting better and better. We talked to operating systems expert Tony Iams to find just how the market... 

  • Farris: What CIOs should know about the open source revolution

    CIOs can gain competitive advantages by taking part in the open source revolution, a movement that will shake up the power structure of the IT world, said Julie Hanna Farris, the founder of Scalix. Farris explains why open source is not a fad and how... 

  • 'Cookbook' author serves up recipe for Linux success

    Author Michael Stutz discusses the virtues of shells and looks at the issue of graphical versus command-line interfaces. 

  • Dirty dozen: Mozilla patches critical flaws

    Patches have been issued for remotely and locally exploitable flaws in Thunderbird, Mozilla Suite and Firefox. 

  • Trolltech president explains the 'real value' of open source

    The co-founder and president of Trolltech -- a Norwegian company that makes an application platform for embedded Linux -- believes the true value of open source goes far beyond the bottom line. 

  • Hugger-Mugger fixes goofed open source ERP implementation

    Love at first site led exercise products manufacturer Hugger-Mugger to a botched open source ERP implementation. 

  • Platespin's OS Portability promising

    Imagine a data center with no boundaries between hardware, software and operating systems. The impending release of OS Portability, from software start-up PlateSpin hopes to make that a reality. 

  • LAMP and J2EE competition heating up

    As vendors focus on the LAMP stack of open source software, JBoss hopes simplified J2EE development will keep users on its side of the aisle. But could IBM spoil their fun? 

  • Open source gaining traction in ERP market

    Linux is slowly but surely gaining acceptance as an underlying platform for ERP. 

  • Making money with open source

    SpikeSource CEO Kim Polese explains the money-making and money-saving opportunities being created by the open source development model.