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  • OpenXML vs. OpenDocument

    An open source software and applications expert explains why it doesn't matter whether you choose OpenXML or OpenDocument. 

  • Cross-platform system management tools

    An expert recommends a cross-platform open source tool for systems management. 

  • Functions in OpenOffice Calc

    Office suite expert Solveig Haugland explains how functions in OpenOffice's Calc work similarly to Microsoft's Excel. 

  • Open source file distribution

    An open source issues and strategies expert names several open source file sharing methods. 

  • OpenXML vs. OpenDocument Format (ODF)

    An expert discusses possible issues that could arise from using OpenXML and OpenDocument Format. 

  • OpenOffice pre-loaded desktops

    An office suite expert discusses where OpenOffice.org is pre-loaded onto desktops. 

  • Changing Base column formats

    OpenOffice instructor Solveig Haugland explains how to change the column formats in a Base database to reflect numeric values. 

  • OpenOffice.org vs. Microsoft Office 2007

    An office suite expert explains why users are considering OpenOffice.org with the release of Microsoft Office 2007 and how it compares to OpenOffice. 

  • Endpoint policy management tools

    A security expert recommends cfengine and Puppet as two open source endpoint policy management tools, along with cautionary advice on their usage. 

  • Porting MySQL tables to Sybase

    A MySQL expert explains possible problems when porting tables from MySQL to Sybase ASE.