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  • Open source predictions for 2009

    Open source will grow in 2009, joining the cost-focused cloud computing trend and expanding throughout the stack. Roger Burkhardt predicts the open source trends for 2009, and SearchEnterpriseLinux.com readers are invited to share theirs. 

  • Open source drives lean software development

    Demand for lean or lightweight software is coming from conventional business application users. Replacing conventional application servers with open source application servers provides lower cost and more innovative features. Agile development is a m... 

  • Linux update on IBM System p

    Most machines running Linux are x86 PCs. IBM's System p and Linux go well together, and Ken Milberg explains why and what's new. He gives five reasons to run Linux on System p, and shares some of the options for PowerVM, IBM's virtualization platform... 

  • Linux desktop interoperability: MS Office and OpenOffice

    The latest release of OpenOffice v3 has improved interoperability with Linux, Windows and MS Office. The more viable OpenOffice is, the more viable Linux is in general. The ultra-cheap Linux-based notebooks also now enable Linux to fit into the famil... 

  • Novell's open source products are its strength

    Novell Inc. reported that open source products were key to its success in 2008, with a revenue gain of 37% to $128.8 million in 2008. The company credits aggressive pricing and key partnerships with companies such as Microsoft and SAP in its exceptio... 

  • Linux open source firewall software options

    Ken Milberg overviews open source firewall software options for Linux that leverage netfilter/iptables. FireHol, Shorewall, Untangle, and FireStarter are examined. Ken advises carefully considering these options, demoing them, and determining which o... 

  • Android OS

    Android OS is a Linux-based open source platform for mobile cellular handsets developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. (Continued....) 

  • GroundWork adds network monitoring tools to systems management suite

    GroundWork's Network Management Suite now contains four network monitoring tools that are a fraction of the cost of proprietary offerings from the likes of HP and IBM Tivoli. 

  • Canonical's Ubuntu 8.10 server enhances virtualization

    Canonical's Ubuntu 8.10 server edition packs lots of new features, enhancing virtualization and security and offering Apache and JDK out of the box. 

  • Novell Open Enterprise beta targets Netware users

    Novell boosts scalability and interoperability of Linux-based Open Enterprise utility application with the Service Pack 1 public beta.