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  • Open source rating system streamlined and ready for primetime

    After months of tweaking, the model framework for the Business Readiness Rating has been released and includes software taxonomies provided by IDC. 

  • YaST: Setting up a local SUSE Linux update server

    Find out how Novell's SUSE Linux YaST utility can set up your client and server machines to collect updates as well as acting as the installation source for your desktops. 

  • Dissecting BrainShare: The corporate desktop battle can officially begin

    As Novell re-introduces its Linux desktop, more open source advocates are beginning to believe that the call for widespread Linux desktop adoption is leaving the realm of zealotry and entering the mainstream. 

  • Engineer's take on Novell's new SuSE desktop, server, Linux roadmap

    Novell's new SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED 10) is beating Microsoft Vista to market by months, and the Xen virtualization features in the upcoming SuSE Enterprise Server are right on target. In short, Novell's Linux roadmap looks great. Now,... 

  • HP lets user take Linux for a virtual spin

    HP TestDrive let one vendor try out Linux on Itanium before committing to a specific hardware platform. Other shops can learn a lesson from this virtual testing ground too -- just make sure what you want is certified on HP. 

  • Microsoft's high prices drive FSW to Linux, open source

    Microsoft's high costs and pricing policies are driving FSW Inc. into the arms of the open source community. The company's IT director describes how and why FSW switched to Linux and open source apps and to server virtualization and OpenOffice deskto... 

  • Ogg Vorbis: Music to your ears

    The author of "Linux Multimedia Hacks" recommends using OS music player Amarok, explains why Ogg Vorbis has superior sound quality to the MP3 format and offers a handy audio hack. 

  • Bug tracking, remote databases and workarounds in MySQL

    In this tip, an expert explains how to connect to backup remote databases without using GUIs, recommends an open source solution database management solution for companies interested in superior parsing of MySQL databases and describes a workaround ... 

  • Robin Miller: How OpenOffice 2.0 stacks up against Microsoft Office

    Author Robin Miller compares OpenOffice 2.0 and Microsoft Office in this interview. He also calls for the open source community to come down from its IT ivory tower and deliver personable and usable training options for first-time OpenOffice and open... 

  • Linux business desktops: Open the pod bay doors, HAL

    Find out how HAL opens the pod bay doors for those who want better hardware device integration for Linux business desktops with a little help from another newcomer, PolicyKit.