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  • Enlarging your Sybase database

    In this tip, Dr. Talebzadeh gives helpful examples of removing unwanted transactions and code for boosting your master database capacity. 

  • Support: Bigger isn't always better

    Open source apps and software expert Bernard Golden explains why a bigger company doesn't necessarily mean better support. 

  • Xen: Getting started with virtualization

    Get started with virtualization using free, open source Xen. Find out the latest news, expert advice and tips for using Xen in your data center. 

  • Digium points Asterisk toward enterprise VoIP

    Digium, profitable since 2002, is pushing into the enterprise for deployments of its open source PBX. A $13.8 million cash infusion from a high-profile venture capitalist may give it the boost it needs. 

  • Linux vendors' war of words over Xen won't hurt technology's potential

    As Novell and Red Hat trade barbs over their respective versions of Xen's future, IT managers shouldn't get distracted but should be wary that the technology still has some limitations worth looking into. 

  • The Linux desktop: Browser and distro security tips

    Don't be fooled. Firefox is no more secure than Opera or Internet Explorer, says security expert James Turnbull. The author of "Hardening Linux" explains why distro security can be subjective, what basic steps users can take to protect themselves fr... 

  • Sybase on Linux: How-to's and help

    Here are some shortcuts for using Sybase on Linux. You'll get advice on starting using Perl to access stored Sybase data, shutting down SQLServer using Sybase ASE and more. 

  • SELinux Policy Editor: Removing micromanagement from administrative control

    It can be tough to handle extended security attributes across a range of users, processes and files or directories that encompass more than one server. Enter SELinux Policy Editor, seedit, which offers a suite of native front-end administration util... 

  • Quick tips: Documents and database forms in OpenOffice 2.0

    OpenOffice instructor and office suite expert Solveig Haugland walks your through modifying forms and viewing Microsoft Office track changes in OpenOffice 2.0. 

  • Sybase vs. Oracle: 10 reasons to use Sybase on Linux

    Despite its fall from market leadership, Sybase is still a strong enterprise offering, says database consultant Dr. Mich Talebzadeh. In this tip, he gives 10 reasons why Sybase on Linux bests other databases, particularly Oracle.